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David Ignatius


David Ignatius

David Ignatius, the bestselling author of BODY OF LIES and THE INCREMENT, among others, and prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, has been covering the Middle East and the CIA for more than 25 years. He lives in Washington, DC.

Books by David Ignatius

by David Ignatius - Fiction, Thriller

A hyper-fast quantum computer is the digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb; whoever possesses one will be able to shred any encryption and break any code in existence. The winner of the race to build the world’s first quantum machine will attain global dominance for generations to come. Who will cross the finish line first: the U.S. or China? In THE QUANTUM SPY, the United States’ top-secret quantum research labs are compromised by a suspected Chinese informant, inciting a mole hunt of history-altering proportions. CIA officer Harris Chang leads the charge. Do the leaks expose real secrets, or are they false trails meant to deceive the Chinese? The answer forces Chang to question everything he thought he knew about loyalty, morality and the primacy of truth.

by David Ignatius - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Graham Weber has been the director of the CIA for less than a week when a Swiss kid walks into the American consulate in Hamburg and says the agency has been hacked. Weber turns to a charismatic (and unstable) young man named James Morris who runs the Internet Operations Center. He launches Morris on a mole hunt that takes readers into the hacker underground of Europe and America, and ends up in a landscape of paranoia and betrayal.