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Danny Pellegrino


Danny Pellegrino

Danny Pellegrino is a Los Angeles-based comedian, screenwriter, podcast host, bestselling author and social media auteur from Solon, Ohio. He created and hosts the hit podcast "Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino." With over 25 million downloads in 2022, his show frequently appears at the top of the podcast charts and has been featured at Vogue, E!, "Entertainment Tonight," "Deadline," "Today," W Magazine, People, Newsweek, Page Six, Entertainment Weekly, US Weekly and more.

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Books by Danny Pellegrino

by Danny Pellegrino - Essays, Humor, Nonfiction

For many families, the holiday season is --- quite frankly --- unhinged. Whether that involves inappropriately improvised monologues at the children's Christmas pageant, gifts that land someone in the emergency room, or just sitting through the emotional rollercoaster of a Hallmark movie marathon, the holidays are a chaotic and magical time. And nobody knows this better than Danny Pellegrino. For Danny, the holidays are always accompanied by both merriment and mayhem. And like the gay Ghost of Christmas Past, he's here to take you on a nostalgic trip through his most festive memories in a collection of stories that are heartfelt, hilarious and (unfortunately) true.