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Daniel Smith


Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith began his career as a staff editor at The Atlantic Monthly. He has published articles, essays, and reviews in The American Scholar, The Atlantic, Granta, n+1, New York, The New York Times Book Review, The New York Times Magazine, and Slate, among other places, and his work has appeared in The Best American Science and Nature Writing. He is the author of two books: MUSES, MADMEN, and PROPHETS: Hearing Voices and the Borders of Sanity, and MONKEY MIND: A Memoir of Anxiety, which is a book-length explanation of this picture. He also served as associate editor of THE AMERICAN IDEA: The Best of The Atlantic Monthly — 150 Years of Writers and Thinkers Who Shaped Our History.

Smith holds the Mary Ellen Donnelly Critchlow Endowed Chair in English at The College of New Rochelle. He is the co-producer and co-host, with Liz Hynes, of the n+1 podcast.

Daniel Smith

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by Daniel Smith - Nonfiction

Daniel Smith articulates what it is like to live with anxiety, defanging the disease with humor, traveling through its demonic layers, and evocatively expressing its self-destructive absurdities and painful internal coherence. He exposes anxiety as a pudgy, weak-willed wizard behind a curtain of dread and tames what has always seemed to him a terrible affliction.