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Dane Huckelbridge


Dane Huckelbridge

Dane Huckelbridge is the author of BOURBON: A History of the American Spirit. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Tin House, The New Republic and New Delta Review. His novel, CASTLE OF WATER (2017), was hailed as "a unique, inventive exploration of love, loss and survival" by Kristin Hannah, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE NIGHTINGALE. A graduate of Princeton University, Dane lives in Paris, France.

Dane Huckelbridge

Books by Dane Huckelbridge

by Dane Huckelbridge - History, Nature, Nonfiction

One part pulse-pounding thriller, one part soulful natural history of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger, NO BEAST SO FIERCE is the gripping, true account of the Champawat Tiger, which terrified northern India and Nepal from 1900 to 1907, and Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter who pursued it. Dane Huckelbridge’s masterful telling also reveals that the tiger, Corbett and the forces that brought them together are far more complex and fascinating than a simple man-versus-beast tale. Drawing upon on-the-ground research in the Indian Himalayan region where he retraced Corbett’s footsteps, Huckelbridge brings to life one of the great adventure stories of the 20th century.

by Dane Huckelbridge - History, Nonfiction

Few commodities figure as prominently or as intimately in the story of the nation as bourbon whiskey. First brewed by pioneers in the backwoods of Appalachia, bourbon whiskey has become a modern multi-billion-dollar international industry today. As Dane Huckelbridge reveals, the Kentucky spirit --- the only liquor produced from corn --- is the American experience, distilled, aged and sealed in a bottle. In telling the story of bourbon, Huckelbridge takes us on a lively tour across 300 years.