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Dan Jenkins


Dan Jenkins

Dan Jenkins, an award-winning writer for Sports Illustrated for more than 20 years, is the author of 19 works of fiction and nonfiction, including SEMI-TOUGH, DEAD SOLID PERFECT, BAJA OKLAHOMA, LIFE ITS OWNSELF, RUDE BEHAVIOR, FAIRWAYS AND GREENS, SLIM AND NONE and THE FRANCHISE BABE. He currently writes a popular column for Golf Digest and now lives full-time in his native Fort Worth, Texas.

Dan Jenkins

Books by Dan Jenkins

by Dan Jenkins - Essays, Nonfiction, Sports

In UNPLAYABLE LIES, Dan Jenkins takes us on a tour of the links as only he can do it. Here, Dan delves into the greatest rounds of golf he's ever seen, the funniest things said on a golf course, the rivalries on tour and in the press box, the game's most magical moments --- and its most absurd. Filled with well-known characters like Tiger Woods, to others like Titanic Thompson --- gambler, golf hustler, accused murderer, legendary storyteller --- UNPLAYABLE LIES is an ode to the game of golf and the people who play it.

by Dan Jenkins - Nonfiction, Sports

In HIS OWNSELF, we follow Dan Jenkins from his youth in Texas, where being a sports fan meant understanding a lot about religion, heroes and drinking; to his first job at the Fort Worth Press; to the glory days of Sports Illustrated. From his friendship and the rounds played with Ben Hogan, to the stories swapped with New York’s elite, Jenkins lets loose on his experiences in journalism, sports and showbiz.