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Claire Dederer


Claire Dederer

Claire Dederer is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir POSER: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses, which has been translated into 12 languages, and which Elizabeth Gilbert called “the book we all need.” A book critic, essayist and reporter, Dederer is a longtime contributor to The New York Times and has also written for The Atlantic, Vogue, Slate, The Nation and New York magazine, among other publications. She lives on an island near Seattle with her family.

Claire Dederer

Books by Claire Dederer

by Claire Dederer - Memoir, Nonfiction

Claire Dederer is a happily married mother of two when she suddenly finds herself totally despondent and, simultaneously, suffering through a kind of erotic reawakening. LOVE AND TROUBLE shifts between her present experience as a middle-aged mom in the grip of mysterious new hungers and herself as a teenager --- when she last experienced life with such heightened sensitivity and longing. She exposes herself utterly, and in doing so captures something universal about the experience of being a woman, a daughter, a wife.

by Claire Dederer - Nonfiction

After she put her back out while breastfeeding her baby, everyone told Claire to try yoga. She finally gave in, and over the next decade, her yoga practice led to unexpected revelations about her outlook on life.