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Bruce Wagner


Bruce Wagner

Bruce Wagner is an American novelist, actor, screenwriter, producer and director based in Los Angeles known for his acerbic view of the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Bruce Wagner

Books by Bruce Wagner

by Bruce Wagner - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

I MET SOMEONE tells the story of Oscar award-winning actress Dusty Wilding, her wife Allegra, a long-lost daughter and the unspeakable secret hidden beneath the glamour of their lavish, carefully calibrated, celebrity life. After Allegra suffers a miscarriage, Dusty searches for the daughter she lost at age 16. With riveting suspense, Wagner moves between the perspectives of his characters, revealing their individual trauma and the uncanny connections to each other's past lives.

by Bruce Wagner - Fiction, Popular Culture

Moving forward with the inexorable force of a tsunami, DEAD STARS is Bruce Wagner’s most lavish and remarkable translation yet of the national zeitgeist: post-privacy porn culture, a Kardashianworld of rapid-cycling, disposable narrative where reality-show triumph is the new American narcotic.