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Ashley Flowers


Ashley Flowers

Ashley Flowers is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of audiochuck, the award-winning, independent media and podcast production company known for its standout content and storytelling across different genres, including true crime, fiction, comedy and more. Ashley is also the author of the New York Times bestseller ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE, which debuted in 2022.

Flowers also hosts several audiochuck shows, including top-rated podcasts "Crime Junkie," "The Deck" and "The Deck Investigates." At the core of the company and all its content, Ashley and her team are committed to developing responsible true crime content.

Ashley is passionate about advocacy work and established the nonprofit Season of Justice to provide financial resources to both law enforcement agencies and families in order to help solve cold cases.

Flowers was born and raised in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, her daughter and their beloved dog, Chuck.

Ashley Flowers

Books by Ashley Flowers

by Ashley Flowers - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Two decades ago, six-year-old January Jacobs was discovered in a ditch hours after her family awoke to find her gone. Her killer was never brought to justice. Margot Davies, her next-door neighbor, is now a big-city journalist, but she’s always been haunted by the feeling that she could've suffered the same fate as January. When Margot returns home to help care for her uncle after he's diagnosed with early-onset dementia, she feels like she’s walked into a time capsule. Then news breaks about five-year-old Natalie Clark from the next town over, who’s gone missing under circumstances eerily similar to January’s. With all the old feelings rushing back, Margot vows to find Natalie and solve January’s murder once and for all. But the police, Natalie’s family and the townspeople all seem to be hiding something.