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Alana Stewart


Alana Stewart

Alana Stewart is an actress, talk-show host, former model, and president of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation to support cancer research. She is the author of the New York Times bestselling MY JOURNEY WITH FARRAH: A Story of Life, Love and Friendship and producer of the Emmy-nominated documentary Farrah’s Story. In 2011, Stewart received the prestigious True Grit Humanitarian Award from the John Wayne Cancer Institute for her contribution to the fight against cancer. She tours the country regularly, speaking about cancer, addiction, women and beauty, health and aging, and her four decades of experience in Hollywood. Alana lives in Los Angeles, California.

Books by Alana Stewart

by Alana Stewart

Alana Stewart has lived what many people would consider a charmed life, as an international model, an actress and talk-show host, filmmaker, and bestselling author. But despite her many accomplishments and successes,  her life has been rife with abandonment, abject poverty, tragedy, and even violence. In Rearview Mirror, she takes the reader through her journey from her beginnings in poor rural Texas, her escape to New York to become a Ford model, and finally, her seemingly fairytale, but often heartbreaking life in the glittering world of Hollywood.