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Adam Rapp


Adam Rapp

An acclaimed playwright, Adam Rapp was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his play "Red Light Winter" and a Tony Award finalist for "The Sound Inside." He is the recipient of the Benjamin H. Danks Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, among other honors.

In addition to his numerous plays, he is the author of the novels WOLF AT THE TABLE, KNOW YOUR BEHOLDER and THE YEAR OF ENDLESS SORROWS and several YA novels, including UNDER THE WOLF, UNDER THE DOG, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

For television, he has written and produced for "The L Word," "In Treatment" and "The Looming Tower," and is currently executive producer and showrunner for "American Rust: Broken Justice."

Born in Chicago and raised in nearby Joliet, Illinois, Rapp now splits his time between New York City and upstate New York.

Adam Rapp

Books by Adam Rapp

by Adam Rapp - Fiction, Historical Fiction

As late summer 1951 descends on Elmira, New York, 13-year-old Myra Larkin meets a young man she believes to be Mickey Mantle. He chats her up at a local diner and gives her a ride home. The matter consumes her until later that night, when a triple homicide occurs just down the street. As the siblings leave home and fan across the country, each pursues a shard of the American dream. Myra serves as a prison nurse while raising her son, Ronan. Her middle sisters, Lexy and Fiona, find themselves on opposite sides of class and power. Alec, once an altar boy, is banished from the house and drifts into oblivion. As he becomes an increasingly alienated loner, his mother begins to receive postcards full of ominous portent. What they reveal, and what they require, will shatter a family and lead to a devastating reckoning.

by Adam Rapp - Fiction, Humor

As winter deepens in snowbound Pollard, Illinois, thirty-something Francis Falbo is holed up in his attic apartment, recovering from a series of traumas. Other than the agoraphobia that continues to hold him hostage, all he has left is his childhood home, the remaining rooms of which he rents to a cast of eccentric tenants. The tight-knit community has already survived a blizzard, but there is more danger in store for the citizens of Pollard before summer arrives.