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Aaron Jacobs


Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs is the author of the novels TIME WILL BREAK THE WORLD and THE ABUNDANT LIFE, the latter of which Samantha Bee called "delightfully unique, hilarious, and acerbic." Other writing of his has appeared in Tin House, Alaska Quarterly Review, JMWW, Atticus Review and elsewhere.

In his fiction, Jacobs explores the wayward American approach to life, which means he'll never run out of material. He studied writing at the University of Maryland, the 92nd Street Y, Sackett Street Writers' Workshop, Wesleyan Writers Conference, and the Tin House Summer Workshop.

He has worked as waiter in Key West, a bartender in Cork, Ireland, and a social studies teacher in the Bronx. Aaron also worked retail in Brooklyn, and now pays his bills by selling buses. An avid reader, he also likes Mexican food, bourbon and --- God help him --- the New York Knicks. He lives mostly in the Catskills with his wife, Katie, and their dog, Monty.

Aaron Jacobs

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by Aaron Jacobs - Fiction, Literary Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

On the second to last day of summer school in 1984, Calvin and Jason Schott hijack a school bus carrying 19 students, an unthinkable act of violence that devastates the community of Brookwood. Thirty years later, Brenda and Emily Mashburn --- twin sisters and survivors of the ordeal --- are forced to relive the kidnapping as they film a documentary about the event in an attempt to thwart Calvin's looming parole hearing. Meanwhile, Jason fights for his brother's release, hoping that a reunited family can finally bring peace to their elderly mother and ease the guilt he feels over his role in the kidnapping. The result is a feud between the two families, with neither side willing to back down.