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Week of June 9, 2014

New in Paperback

Week of June 9, 2014

Releases for the week of June 9th include SWEET SALT AIR by Barbara Delinsky, the story of a woman who has a secret that may save the life of her best friend's husband --- or destroy him; BIG BROTHER, a striking novel from Lionel Shriver that asks just how much sacrifice we'll make to save single members of our families, and whether it's ever possible to save loved ones from themselves; and THE TILTED WORLD by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly, an extraordinary tale of murder and moonshine, sandbagging and saboteurs, and a man and a woman who find unexpected love.

Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield - Gothic Horror

June 10, 2014

Caught up in a moment of boyhood competition, William Bellman recklessly aims his slingshot at a rook resting on a branch, killing the bird instantly. Years later, when a stranger mysteriously enters William’s life, the terrible and unforeseen consequences of his past indiscretion take root. In a desperate bid to save the only precious thing he has left, he enters into a rather strange bargain with an even stranger partner.

Big Brother by Lionel Shriver - Fiction

June 10, 2014

For Pandora, cooking is a form of love. But her husband, Fletcher, now spurns her “toxic” dishes and devotes hours each day to manic cycling. Then, when Pandora picks up her brother Edison at the airport, she doesn’t recognize him. In the years since they’ve seen one another, the once slim, hip New York jazz pianist has gained hundreds of pounds. After Edison has more than overstayed his welcome, Fletcher delivers his wife an ultimatum: It’s him or me.

The Blood of Heaven by Kent Wascom - Historical Fiction

June 10, 2014

THE BLOOD OF HEAVEN is the story of Angel Woolsack, a preacher’s son, who flees the hardscrabble life of his itinerant father, falls in with a charismatic highwayman, then settles with his adopted brothers on the rough frontier of West Florida, where American settlers are carving their place out of lands held by the Spaniards and the French.

The Child Thief by Dan Smith - Historical Thriller

June 1, 2013

Luka is a war veteran who, along with his sons, sets out to find a missing girl who happens to be his daughter’s best friend. Soon they realize that the man they are tracking is no ordinary criminal, but a skillful hunter with the child as the bait in his twisted game. It will take all of Luka’s strength to battle the harshest of conditions, and all of his wit to stay a step ahead of Soviet authorities.

Dirty Love by Andre Dubus III - Fiction

October 7, 2013

In these linked novellas in which characters walk out the back door of one story and into the next, love is "dirty" --- tangled up with need, power, boredom, ego, fear and fantasy. These narratives express extraordinary tenderness toward human beings, our vulnerable hearts and bodies, our fulfilling and unfulfilling lives alone and with others.

The Dying Hours: A Tom Thorne Novel by Mark Billingham - Mystery

June 10, 2014

Tom Thorne becomes convinced that a spate of suicides among the elderly in London are something more sinister. His concerns are dismissed by the Murder Squad he was once part of and he is forced to investigate alone. Now, unable to trust anybody, Thorne risks losing those closest to him as well as endangering those being targeted by a killer unlike any he has hunted before.

Evil and the Mask by Fuminori Nakamura - Thriller

June 12, 2014

“In this world, you must be powerful, because when an able person becomes a cancer, he is formidable.” Prize-winning novelist Fuminori Nakamura impressively chronicles a young man’s perverse upbringing. Born into a wealthy family, Fumihiro Kuki is fated to carry on a family tradition and become a thorough villain. EVIL AND THE MASK is a chilling mystery thriller, disturbing father-and-son story and dark romance all at once.

Free Fall: A John Ceepak Mystery by Chris Grabenstein - Mystery

June 15, 2014

Officer Danny Boyle and Chief of Detectives John Ceepak do their best to help Danny’s friend, a young nurse who claims she has been falsely accused of aggravated assault by a prestigious Sea Haven doctor. Ceepak’s unshakable code of honor is tested when he trusts that the nurse is telling the truth. It’s stretched to the limit when one of the nurse’s home health care patients turns up dead.

Hacker: The Outlaw Chronicles, Book 3 by Ted Dekker - Thriller

June 10, 2014

Seventeen-year-old Nyah Parks is a genius hacker who is deeply scarred from a horrific accident that killed her father and brother, and left her mother with irreparable brain damage. She must scrape together enough money to pay for her mother's experimental brain surgery before it's too late. However, when the most dangerous job of her life backfires and forces her to go on the run, she encounters an impossible reality that shouldn't exist, but does.

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death by Katy Butler - Memoir

June 10, 2014

In this visionary memoir, based on a groundbreaking New York Times Magazine story, journalist Katy Butler ponders her parents’ desires for “Good Deaths” and the forces within medicine that stood in the way. She explores what happens when our terror of death collides with the technological imperatives of medicine. Her provocative thesis is that modern medicine, in its pursuit of maximum longevity, often creates more suffering than it prevents.

Let It Burn: An Alex McKnight Novel by Steve Hamilton - Mystery

June 10, 2014

While Alex McKnight swore to serve and protect Detroit as a police officer, the city will forever remind him of his partner’s death and of the bullet still lodged in his own chest. Alex soon gets a call from his old sergeant, who informs him that the man he helped put away will be getting out of prison. He is reminded of his gut feeling that they arrested the wrong man --- and that the real killer is still out there killing.

Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell - Historical Thriller

June 10, 2014

Thomas De Quincey, infamous for his memoir Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, is the major suspect in a series of ferocious mass murders identical to ones that terrorized London 43 years earlier. The blueprint for the killings seems to be De Quincey's essay "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts." Desperate to clear his name but crippled by opium addiction, De Quincey is aided by his devoted daughter Emily and a pair of determined Scotland Yard detectives.

Outlaw by Ted Dekker - Thriller

June 10, 2014

From deep in the impenetrable jungles where bestselling author Ted Dekker was born and raised comes OUTLAW, an epic adventure of two worlds that perhaps only he could write. Full of harrowing twists, sweeping violence and wild love, OUTLAW takes us beyond the skin of this world to another unseen.

A Question of Honor: A Bess Crawford Mystery by Charles Todd - Historical Mystery

June 10, 2014

As a young girl, Bess Crawford was living on the Northwest Frontier of India where her father, a colonel in the British army, was stationed. When one of his most trusted officers is accused of murdering his parents, the soldier disappears deep in the Khyber Pass and presumed dead while trying to flee India. Now, 10 years later, Bess is a World War I field nurse and comes across an injured soldier who may be the accused murderer from her father’s ranks.

Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky - Fiction

June 18, 2013

Charlotte and Nicole were once the best of friends, spending summers together in Nicole's family's island house, but they have since grown apart. When Nicole returns to the island house, she invites her old friend Charlotte for both sentimental and practical reasons. But what both women don't know is that they are each holding a secret that may change their relationship forever. Are the bonds of friendship strong enough to weather past indiscretions and betrayals? Can love survive an honest mistake?

The Tilted World by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly - Historical Fiction

June 10, 2014

Set against the backdrop of the historic flooding of the Mississippi River, THE TILTED WORLD --- written by Tom Franklin, the acclaimed author of the New York Times bestseller CROOKED LETTER, CROOKED LETTER, and award-winning poet Beth Ann Fennelly --- is an extraordinary tale of murder and moonshine, sandbagging and saboteurs, and a man and a woman who find unexpected love.

Time Flies by Claire Cook - Fiction

June 10, 2014

Melanie is old enough to know that high school reunions are often a big disappointment. But when her best friend makes her buy a ticket and an old flame gets in touch to see if she’ll be going, she fantasizes that returning to her past might help her find her future --- until her highway driving phobia resurfaces and threatens to hold her back from the adventure of a lifetime.