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John Grisham Brings Suspense to the Heart of Appalachia with GRAY MOUNTAIN

When Wall Street lawyer Samantha Kofer is let go, she takes a chance working at a legal aid clinic in Brady, VA, a small town with big secrets.

Shopaholic Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) Returns in Sophie Kinsella’s Latest Book

Newly arrived in Hollywood, Becky is ready to shop with --- and for --- the best of them. But upon landing her dream job, she’s in for a few surprises.

Alan Cumming Explores His Family’s Dark Secrets in NOT MY FATHER’S SON

When the actor joined a genealogy show to learn about his grandfather, he had no idea that his father would show up with a huge secret.

A Young Irish Widow Finds Solace in Colm Tóibín’s New Novel, NORA WEBSTER

When the formidable Nora loses her husband and is forced to raise their four children alone, she must battle grief and fear in order to find herself.

Héctor Tobar Takes Readers into the Depths of the Earth in DEEP DOWN DARK

For nearly 70 days, the world waited as 33 Chilean miners were rescued from a collapsed mine. Now they tell their story for the first time.

Jodi Picoult Delivers LEAVING TIME, Her Most Touching Novel Yet

Jenna Metcalf hunts for her long-missing scientist mother with the help of her old journals and two surprising characters.

Latest Features and Contests

Fall Preview Contests and Feature

To celebrate the arrival of fall, we are spotlighting a number of outstanding books that we know people will be talking about in the days and months to come. We will be hosting a series of 24-hour contests for these titles on select days through October 23rd, so you will have to check the site each day to see the featured prize book and enter to win.

Our final prize book is THE MIDNIGHT PLAN OF THE REPO MAN by W. Bruce Cameron. The deadline for entries is Friday, October 24th at 11:59am ET.

Tasha Alexander and Her Husband, Andrew Grant, Talk About Their Latest Books

This week, we’re featuring Q&As with husband and wife Andrew Grant and Tasha Alexander, both of whom have released new books this month. Tasha’s latest mystery, THE COUNTERFEIT HEIRESS (out this week), is the ninth in her popular Lady Emily series, while Andrew's RUN (which released last week) is a stand-alone novel about computer consultant and software engineer Marc Bowman.

Sounding Off on Audio: Interviews with Listeners About Their Love of Audiobooks

As we continue to explore the world of audiobooks, we bring you our newest feature, “Sounding Off on Audio,” where we interview listeners about their love of audiobooks. Find out what they listen to, who their favorite narrators are, why they enjoy audiobooks, and much more.

This week, Melanie Steinberg (who has been editing our Word of Mouth section) and loyal reader Deborah Bryson share their audiobook listening habits and some of their favorite audiobooks and narrators.

Latest Reviews

Ten years ago, Craig Johnson wrote one of the earliest appearances of the sheriff who would go on to star in his award-winning novels and the A&E hit series "Longmire." Each Christmas Eve thereafter, Johnson sent out a new story featuring an episode in Walt’s life that doesn’t appear in the books. WAIT FOR SIGNS collects those beloved stories --- and one entirely new story --- for the very first time in a single volume, regular trade hardcover.

The legendary creator of iconic television programs such as “All in the Family” and "The Jeffersons," Norman Lear remade our television culture --- while leading a life of unparalleled political, civic and social involvement. EVEN THIS I GET TO EXPERIENCE is a memoir as touching and remarkable as the life he has led. Married three times and the father of six children ranging from 19 to 68, Lear’s penetrating look at family life, parenthood and marriage is a volume in itself.

Freshly minted FBI agent Nicholas Drummond is barely out of his Quantico training when he and his partner, Mike Caine, are called to investigate a stabbing on Wall Street. Their investigation, however, yields more questions than answers. It quickly becomes clear that the victim, John Pearce, was more than the naval historian and antiquities dealer he appeared to be.

When Ailinn Solomons arrives in his village by a sea that laps no other shore, Kevern Cohen is instantly drawn to her. Although mistrustful by nature, the two become linked as if they were meant for each other. Together, they form a refuge from the commonplace brutality that is the legacy of a historic catastrophe shrouded in suspicion, denial and apology, simply referred to as WHAT HAPPENED, IF IT HAPPENED.

Last Winter, We Parted written by Fuminori Nakamura, translated from the Japanese by Allison Markin Powell - Thriller

A young writer is assigned a difficult task by his editor: he is to write an investigative biography of a death row inmate named Yudai Kiharazaka, a 35-year-old photographer who has been convicted of the murders of two women. Trying to unearth the truth about Kiharazaka forces the writer to grapple with horrifying archival material and to interview dangerous, grotesque people --- not least of all Kiharazaka himself.

When a mysterious and beautiful stranger enters their lives, Tracy Whitney and her partner's once unbreakable partnership is suddenly blown wide open. Jeff Stevens wakes one morning to find Tracy gone, vanished without a trace. For more than a decade, a broken Jeff struggles to carry on knowing Tracy is out there somewhere. But the rest of the world believes she is dead…until a series of murders leads a tenacious French detective to her doorstep.

The Tudor Vendetta by C. W. Gortner - Historical Mystery/Adventure

London, 1558. Queen Mary is dead, and Elizabeth ascends the throne. Summoned to court from exile abroad, Elizabeth’s intimate spy, Brendan Prescott, is reunited with the young queen. Elizabeth dispatches him on a mission: to find her favored lady in waiting, Lady Parry. The mystery surrounding Lady Parry deepens as Brendan begins to realize there is far more going on at the manor than meets the eye. But the closer he gets, the more he learns that in his zeal to uncover the truth, he could be precipitating Elizabeth’s destruction.

After struggling with money troubles, Sheriff Patrick Drake ended up convicted of one of the biggest crimes in local history. Now, 12 years later, Patrick is on parole under the watchful eye of his son Bobby, who is a deputy sheriff. No matter how much distance he has tried to put between himself, his father, his grandfather and the past, small town minds can have very long memories. But trouble isn’t done with the Drakes --- and a terrifying threat boils up from Patrick’s old life. And this time, no one will be spared.

Covert CIA ops officer Vanessa Pierson has dedicated her career to capturing one man: Bhoot, the world’s most notorious nuclear arms dealer. When she narrowly escapes death during a devastating explosion at the Louvre, Vanessa immediately suspects that Bhoot was the architect of the brazen terrorist attack. But when a previously unknown militant group claims responsibility for the bombing and promises even greater carnage, she is forced to rethink her initial assumptions.

Mallory Hammond is determined that no one will stand in the way of her goal --- to save a life. She had that chance years ago and failed to take it, leaving her adrift and in search of the real meaning of her life. Finally, she meets a man online from a volatile corner of the world who offers her the chance to find that purpose. But she will have to leave behind everyone she loves in order to take it.