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Lena Scott is the Hottest Rising Star to Hit the Silver Screen Since Marilyn Monroe

Few know her real name is Abra. Even fewer know the price she’s paid to finally feel like she’s somebody.

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When Lila Emerson Witnesses a Murder/Suicide, Her Life Takes a Dramatic Turn

Suddenly, the woman with no permanent ties finds herself almost wishing for one in this latest bestseller from Nora Roberts.

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Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight: TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY by Kevin O'Brien

Stephanie Coburn has barely recovered from her sister's mysterious suicide before her brother-in-law and his new wife are murdered, her face disfigured beyond recognition. Stephanie never met the bride, but she knew her sister and knows something is desperately wrong. Her only ally is another victim's son. Step by step, they're uncovering a trail of brutal vengeance and a killer who will never relent --- and whose forgiveness can only be earned in death.

Women's Fiction Author Spotlight: BRIDGE TO HAVEN by Francine Rivers

To those who matter in 1950s Hollywood, Lena Scott is the hottest rising star to hit the silver screen since Marilyn Monroe. Few know her real name is Abra. Even fewer know the price she’s paid to finally feel like she’s somebody. Hollywood feels like a million miles from Haven, and naive Abra quickly learns what’s expected of an ambitious girl with stars in her eyes. But fame comes at an awful price. She has burned every bridge to get exactly what she thought she wanted.

Latest Reviews

In 1945, victorious American soldiers capture a train filled with unspeakable riches. Jack Wiseman is the lieutenant charged with guarding this treasure --- a responsibility that grows more complicated when he meets Ilona, who has lost everything in the ravages of the Holocaust. Seventy years later, Jack gives a necklace to his granddaughter, Natalie Stein, and charges her with searching for an unknown woman --- a woman whose portrait and fate come to haunt Natalie.

When Manhattan’s elite are beset by a series of clever crimes --- and Stone Barrington is a material witness --- he and his former partner, Dino Bacchetti, find themselves drawn into the world of high-end security and fraud. As Stone and Dino delve deeper into their investigation, they learn that the mastermind behind the incidents may have some intimate ties to Stone…and that the biggest heist is still to come.

The hurricane that is the famous author Nicolas Kolt is down to its last battering winds. While he’s hiding on a Tuscan island from publishers, family, friends, and life in general, a whole host of indiscretions and minor misunderstandings come to light. Once more, Nicolas is forced to deal with his past --- a past full of family secrets that he cannot comprehend.

Why is it that Leonard Cohen receives the sort of reverence we reserve for a precious few living artists? Why are his songs, three or four decades after their original release, suddenly gracing the charts, blockbuster movie sound tracks, and television singing competitions? These are two of the questions at the heart of A BROKEN HALLELUJAH, a meditation on the singer, his music, and the ideas and beliefs at its core.

Joyce Carol Oates is an unparalleled investigator of human flaws. In these eight stories, she deftly tests the bonds between damaged individuals --- a brother and sister, a teacher and student, two strangers on a subway --- in the fearless prose for which she’s become so celebrated. She confronts, one by one, the demons within us. Sometimes it’s the human who wins, and sometimes it’s the demon.

When Cat Morland is asked to join family friends on a trip to Edinburgh, she can’t wait to escape her home in Dorset. She meets new friends, finds love, experiences heartbreak, and faces a mystery or two that can’t compete with her dark and macabre imagination. It’s that creativity that gets her in trouble and could possibly ruin the life she was finally starting to imagine for herself.

The Plover by Brian Doyle - Fiction/Adventure

Declan O Donnell has sailed out of Oregon and deep into the vast, wild ocean, finally having had enough of other people and their problems. But the galaxy soon presents him with a string of odd, entertaining and dangerous passengers, who become companions of every sort and stripe. THE PLOVER is the story of their adventures and misadventures in the immense blue country one of their company calls Pacifica.

The Long Shadow by Liza Marklund - Mystery/Thriller

An intruder brutally murders an entire family, and newspaper reporter Annika Bengtzon must fly there to report on the case. Upon arrival, she discovers that a fifth family member is unaccounted for. Soon, the killers are found, but they too have met their demise. Amid a culture weighed down by drug smuggling and money laundering, Annika must try to find the missing girl before it’s too late.

In the crisp, early hours of an autumn morning, the police are called to investigate two deaths. The first is a suspected murder at a farm on the outskirts of a small village. The second is a reported suicide at a nearby quarry. As Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Smith and her team gather evidence, they discover a shocking link between the two cases and the two deaths --- a bond that sealed their terrible fates one cold night, under a silent moon.

Maria Mutch explores the miraculous power that care and communication have in the face of the deep, personal isolation that often comes with disability. A chronicle of the witching hours between midnight and 6am, this meditative book takes place during the two-year period in which Mutch’s son Gabriel, who is autistic and also has Down syndrome, rarely slept through the night. We see both Gabriel’s difficult childhood and Maria’s introduction to the world of multiple disability parenting.

THE DUKE, THE LONGHORNS, AND CHAIRMAN MAO is a fly-on-the-wall exploration of a wild weekend and an immersion into the John Wayne mythology: his politics, his inspirations, the plots to assassinate him, his connections to Stalin, Khrushchev and Chairman Mao, and the death of the Western.

Kathy Sanders's life was changed forever when a bomb exploded, killing her two grandsons. For months, Kathy wondered if the God she'd worshipped all her life even existed. After battling bitterness and contemplating suicide, she turned to the Lord and asked what He'd have her do. The answer was clear: Forgive your enemies. Thus Kathy forged a friendship with Terry Nichols, one of the men convicted in the bombing, via phone conversations, letters, and even face-to-face meetings.

As a bright young girl from Ohio, Andrea Raynor always wanted to be a doctor. Instead, she landed --- almost by accident --- at Harvard Divinity School, which, she quickly discovered, was no typical seminary. From navigating relation­ships to exploring whether a pretty girl can truly wear a collar, INCOGNITO tackles our assumptions about spirituality, the church, morality and identity, and affirms that God often works in ways --- and in people --- we least expect.