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A Famous Painting and Little-Known History Come to Life in Christina Baker Kline’s Novel

A PIECE OF THE WORLD explores the relationship between Christina Olson and Andrew Wyeth, which led to a mysterious and iconic painting.

THE ORPHAN’S TALE Evokes the Complexity of Friendship and Survival During World War II

Pam Jenoff delivers a powerful novel of two incredible women and their sacrifices in a traveling circus during Nazi occupation.

Viet Thanh Nguyen Tells Stories from the Perspectives of THE REFUGEES

This short story collection explores experiences of identity and belonging by giving voice to those who have left one country for another.

Sally Hepworth's Latest Novel is About the Bonds Between Mothers and Daughters

Alice and her daughter, Zoe, have always been a family of two. When Alice gets sick, she seeks stability for Zoe and finds it in unexpected places.

Clare Mackintosh Crafts a Dark Thriller That Makes the Everyday World Terrifying

Zoe takes the same train every day, never suspecting danger. Until she sees an ad connected to violent crimes --- featuring her own picture.

Latest Features and Contests

Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight & Contest: NEVER LET YOU GO by Chevy Stevens

We have 25 copies of NEVER LET YOU GO by Chevy Stevens --- a chilling, twisting thriller that crackles with suspense as it explores the darkest heart of love and obsession --- to give away to readers who would like to read the book, which releases on March 14th, and share their comments on it. The deadline for entries is Thursday, March 9th at noon ET.

Special Contest: QUICKSAND by Malin Persson Giolito

We are celebrating the March 7th release of QUICKSAND by Malin Persson Giolito --- an incisive courtroom thriller and a drama that raises questions about the nature of love, the disastrous side effects of guilt, and the function of justice --- with a special contest that will give 25 readers the opportunity to win an advance copy of the book. The deadline for entries is Thursday, March 2nd at noon ET.

Special Contest: THE BEST OF ADAM SHARP by Graeme Simsion

We are celebrating the May 2nd release of THE BEST OF ADAM SHARP by Graeme Simsion --- in which one man looks back on his past and decides if having a second chance is worth the risk --- with a special contest that will give 25 readers the opportunity to win an advance copy of the book. The deadline for entries is Thursday, March 2nd at noon ET.

Latest Reviews

It's one of the most revered movies of Hollywood's golden era. Starring screen legend Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly in her first significant film role, High Noon achieved instant box-office and critical success. Yet what has been often overlooked is that the movie was made during the height of the Hollywood blacklist, a time of political inquisition and personal betrayal. In the middle of the film shoot, screenwriter Carl Foreman was forced to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities about his former membership in the Communist Party. Examined in light of Foreman's testimony, High Noon's emphasis on courage and loyalty takes on deeper meaning and importance.

In MOST DANGEROUS PLACE, Jack Swyteck takes on a new client tied to his past. It begins at the airport, where Jack is waiting to meet his old high school buddy, Keith Ingraham, a high-powered banker based in Hong Kong, coming to Miami for his young daughter’s surgery. But their long-awaited reunion is abruptly derailed when the police arrest Keith’s wife, Isabelle, in the terminal, accusing her of conspiring to kill the man who raped her in college. Jack quickly agrees to represent Isa, but soon discovers that to see justice done, he must separate truth from lies --- an undertaking that proves more complicated than the seasoned attorney expects.

Thomas Kell thought he was done with spying. A former MI6 officer, he devoted his life to the Service, but it has left him with nothing but grief and a simmering anger against the Kremlin. Then Kell is offered an unexpected chance at revenge. Taking the law into his own hands, he embarks on a mission to recruit a top Russian spy who is in possession of a terrifying secret. As Kell tracks his man from Moscow to London, he finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, in which it becomes increasingly difficult to know who is playing whom. As the mission reaches its boiling point, the threat of a catastrophic terrorist attack looms over Britain. Kell is faced with an impossible choice: loyalty to MI6, or to his own conscience?

The World to Come: Stories by Jim Shepard - Fiction/Short Stories

These 10 stories ring with voices belonging to --- among others --- English Arctic explorers in one of history's most nightmarish expeditions, a young contemporary American negotiating the shockingly underreported hazards of our crude-oil trains, 18th-century French balloonists inventing manned flight, and two mid-19th-century housewives trying to forge a connection despite their isolation on the frontier of settlement. In each case, the personal is the political as these characters face everything from the emotional pitfalls of everyday life to historic catastrophes on a global scale.

The Dime by Kathleen Kent - Mystery/Thriller

Dallas, Texas is not for the faint of heart. Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she's from a family of take-no-prisoners Brooklyn police detectives. But her Big Apple wisdom will only get her so far when she relocates to The Big D, where Mexican drug cartels and cult leaders, deadbeat skells and society wives all battle for sunbaked turf. Betty is as tough as the best of them, but she's deeply shaken when her first investigation goes sideways. Battling a group of unruly subordinates, a persistent stalker, a formidable criminal organization, and an unsupportive girlfriend, the unbreakable Detective Betty Rhyzyk may be reaching her limit.

Setting Free the Kites by Alex George - Historical Fiction

For Robert Carter, life in his coastal Maine hometown is comfortably predictable. But in 1976, on his first day of eighth grade, he meets Nathan Tilly, who changes everything. Nathan is confident, fearless, impetuous --- and fascinated by kites and flying. Robert and Nathan’s budding friendship is forged in the crucible of two family tragedies, and as the boys struggle to come to terms with loss, they take summer jobs at the local rundown amusement park. It’s there that Nathan’s boundless capacity for optimism threatens to overwhelm them both, and where they learn some harsh truths about family, desire and revenge.

Russell Gaines’ 11-year sentence is now up, and he believes his debt has been paid. But when he returns home, he soon discovers that revenge lives and breathes all around him. On the same day that Russell is released from prison, a woman named Maben and her young daughter trudge along the side of the interstate under the punishing summer sun. Desperate and exhausted, the pair spend their last dollar on a room for the night, a night that ends with Maben running through the darkness holding a pistol, and a dead deputy sprawled in the middle of the road. With the dawn, destinies collide, and Russell is forced to decide whose life he will save --- his own or those of the woman and child.

August Snow by Stephen Mack Jones - Mystery/Thriller

August Snow joined the police force only to be drummed out by a conspiracy of corrupt cops and politicians. It’s not long before he’s summoned to the palatial Grosse Pointe Estates, home of business magnate Eleanore Paget. Powerful and manipulative, Paget wants August to investigate the increasingly unusual happenings at her private wealth management bank. But detective work is no longer August’s beat, and he declines. A day later, Paget is dead of an apparent suicide --- which August isn’t buying for a minute. What begins as an inquiry into Eleanore Paget’s death soon drags August into a rat’s nest of Detroit’s most dangerous criminals, from corporate embezzlers to tattooed mercenaries.

Music was everything for Marcia Butler. Growing up in an emotionally desolate home with an abusive father and a distant mother, she devoted herself to the discipline and rigor of the oboe, and quickly became a young prodigy on the rise in New York City's competitive music scene. But haunted by troubling childhood memories while balancing the challenges of a busy life as a working musician, Marcia succumbed to dangerous men, drugs and self-destruction. In her darkest moments, she asked the hardest question of all: Could music truly save her life? THE SKIN ABOVE MY KNEE is the story of a woman finding strength in her creative gifts and artistic destiny.

The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn - Mystery/Horror

Young Jude Brighton has been missing for three days, and while the search for him is in full swing in the small town of Deer Valley, Oregon, the locals are starting to lose hope. Stevie Clark knows what each ticking moment may mean for his cousin, Jude. There was Max Larsen, a young boy who was found dead after also disappearing under mysterious circumstances. And then there were the animals: pets gone missing out of yards. For years, the residents of Deer Valley have murmured about these unsolved crimes…and that a killer may still be lurking around their quiet town. For Stevie, who is determined to find out what really happened to Jude, the awful truth may be too horrifying to imagine.

The Nightwalker written by Sebastian Fitzek, translated by Jaime Lee Searle - Psychological Thriller

As a young man, Leon Nader suffered from insomnia. As a sleepwalker, he even turned to violence during his nocturnal excursions and had psychiatric treatment for his condition. Eventually, he was convinced he had been cured --- but one day, years later, Leon's wife disappears from their apartment under mysterious circumstances. Could it be that his illness has broken out again? In order to find out how he behaves in his sleep, Leon fits a movement-activated camera to his forehead --- and when he looks at the video the next morning, he makes a discovery that bursts the borders of his imagination. His nocturnal personality goes through a door that is totally unknown to him and descends into the darkness.