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Steve Hamilton


Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton is the New York Times bestselling author of 12 novels, most recently DIE A STRANGER AND LET IT BURN. His debut, A COLD DAY IN PARADISE, won both an Edgar and a Shamus Award for Best First Novel. His stand-alone novel THE LOCK ARTIST was a New York Times Notable Crime Book and won an Alex Award and the Edgar Award for Best Novel. He attended the University of Michigan, where he won the prestigious Hopwood Award for writing, and now lives in Cottekill, NY, with his wife and their two children.

Steve Hamilton

Books by Steve Hamilton

by Steve Hamilton - Crime, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Nick Mason has been given a true mission impossible: Infiltrate WITSEC, the top-secret federal witness-protection program that has never been compromised, locate the three men who put his boss Darius Cole behind bars for life, and kill them. But first he has to find them and the clock is ticking. Cole is appealing his conviction, and these witnesses are either his ticket to freedom or the final nail in his coffin. If they testify, Darius Cole will never step foot in the outside world again. If they are killed, he will walk out a free man. Mason finds himself being hunted by the very man he replaced, the ruthless assassin who once served, then betrayed, Darius Cole. Rather than waiting to be Mason's next victim, he has escaped witness protection to hunt down and kill Mason himself.

by Steve Hamilton - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Nick Mason has already spent five years inside a maximum security prison when an offer comes that will grant his release 20 years early. He accepts, but the deal comes with a terrible price. Whenever his cell phone rings, day or night, he must answer it and follow whatever order he is given. It’s the deal he made with Darius Cole, a criminal mastermind serving a double-life term who runs an empire from his prison cell. Forced to commit increasingly more dangerous crimes, hunted by the relentless detective who put him behind bars, and desperate to go straight and rebuild his life with his daughter and ex-wife, Nick ultimately will have to risk everything to finally break free.

by Steve Hamilton - Mystery

Before BLOOD IS THE SKY, the Alex McKnight series had already hit bestseller lists and won awards, but this novel took it to a whole new level. Set in the forests of northern Ontario, a land of savage beauty and sudden danger, BLOOD IN THE SKY shows why Steve Hamilton is one of the most acclaimed crime novelists writing today.

by Steve Hamilton - Fiction, Mystery

While Alex McKnight swore to serve and protect Detroit as a police officer, the city will forever remind him of his partner’s death and of the bullet still lodged in his own chest. Alex soon gets a call from his old sergeant, who informs him that the man he helped put away will be getting out of prison. He is reminded of his gut feeling that they arrested the wrong man --- and that the real killer is still out there killing.

by Steve Hamilton - Mystery, Suspense

A plane lands in a deserted Upper Peninsula with five dead bodies. Alex McKnight must investigate, but there is a huge possibility that Alex’s best friend, Vinnie LeBlanc, Ojibwa tribal member and blackjack dealer, is involved. Alex will soon find out that the stakes are higher than he ever could have imagined.

by Steve Hamilton - Fiction, Mystery

Alex McKnight knows all about evil, having faced down a madman who killed his partner and left a bullet next to his heart. But nothing could have prepared him for the darkness he’s about to face, when a simple quest to find a few answers about a suicide turn into a nightmare of sudden violence, bloody revenge, and a race against time to catch a ruthless killer.

by Steve Hamilton - Fiction, Thriller

Joe Trumbull is not a man who scares easily. As a juvenile probation officer, he’s half cop, half social worker. But tonight Joe Trumbull is scared to death. It’s been two years since his fiancée was brutally murdered. He’s finally going on a blind date, his first date since Laurel’s death. Marlene Frost is a beautiful woman: warm and funny, with a smile to match. After the first awkward minutes, Joe finally starts to think this isn’t such a bad idea after all. In fact, maybe this blind date will turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him. He couldn’t be more wrong. Because somehow, for reasons Joe doesn't yet understand, this one evening will mark the beginning of a new nightmare that will lead him to the most terrible realization of all.…