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Romantic Suspense Author Spotlight

Romance and Suspense --- what could be better? Combining passion and peril, our featured Romantic Suspense authors create captivating characters and weave tantalizing tales that will tempt you, thrill you and keep you up, turning pages, long into the night.

Beverly Barton, author of Cold Hearted

A Black Widow is killing the men in her life and walking away with the cash. As an investigator closes in on her, they find themselves in a cat and mouse game where anyone may be the next victim --- even him.

Julia Spencer-Fleming, author of I Shall Not Want

People die. Marriages fail. In the small Adirondack town of Millers Kill, New York, however, life doesn’t stop for heartbreak.

Mariah Stewart, author of Mercy Street

On a balmy spring evening, four high school seniors --- three boys and a girl --- enter a park in the small Pennsylvania city of Conroy. The next morning, two of the boys are found shot to death, and the girl and the third boy are gone.

Karen Robards, author of Guilty

In the newest novel from New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards, a feisty female attorney's past comes back to haunt her.

Heather Graham, author of The Death Dealer

Genevieve O'Brien knows all about nightmares. She survived for two months as the prisoner of a deranged killer. Now a new menace is stalking the streets of New York.

Joan Johnston, author of A Stranger’s Game

From New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston comes a new Bitter Creek novel that mixes Texas high society intrigue and Texas Ranger honor with a serial killer, wrongful imprisonment, and a woman who counts no cost too high to see a killer brought to justice.

Beverly Barton, author of The Murder Game

New Game
The game is simple—he is the Hunter. They are the Prey. He gives them a chance to escape. To run. To hide. To outsmart him. But eventually, he catches them. And that’s when the game gets really terrifying…