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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

May 2019


The Unknowns: The Untold Story of America’s Unknown Soldier and WWI’s Most Decorated Heroes Who Brought Him Home by Patrick K. O'Donnell - History, Nonfiction

Grove Press | 9780802147172 | Published May 21, 2019

When the Unknown Soldier was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in 1921, eight of America’s most decorated, battle-hardened WWI veterans served as Body Bearers for the casket. For the first time, celebrated military historian and bestselling author Patrick K. O’Donnell recounts their heroics on the battlefield a century ago. The Body Bearers included a cowboy who relived the Charge of the Light Brigade, a Native American who heroically captured 63 German prisoners single-handedly, and a salty New Englander who dueled a U-boat for hours in a fierce gunfight. Their stories reveal the larger narrative of America’s involvement in the conflict, transporting readers into the midst of events and battles during 1917-1918 that ultimately decided the Great War.

First in Line: Presidents, Vice Presidents, and the Pursuit of Power by Kate Andersen Brower - History, Nonfiction, Politics

Harper Paperbacks | 9780062668950 | Published May 28, 2019

Vice presidents occupy a unique and important position, living partway in the spotlight and part in the wings. Of the 48 vice presidents who have served the United States, 14 have become president; eight of these have risen to the Oval Office because of a president’s death or assassination, and one became president after his boss’s resignation. But things have changed dramatically in recent years. In interviews with more than 200 people, including former vice presidents, their family members, and insiders and confidants of every president since Jimmy Carter, Kate Andersen Brower pulls back the curtain and reveals the sometimes cold, sometimes close and always complicated relationship between our modern presidents and their vice presidents.

My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie by Todd Fisher - Memoir, Nonfiction

William Morrow Paperbacks | 9780062792327 | Published May 28, 2019

In December 2016, the world was shaken by the sudden deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, which occurred in less than 24 hours. The stunned public turned for solace to Debbie’s only remaining child, Todd Fisher, who somehow retained his grace and composure under the glare of the media spotlight as he struggled with his own overwhelming grief. Now, Todd shares his heart and his memories of Debbie and Carrie with deeply personal stories from his earliest years to those last unfathomable days. His book celebrates their legacies through a more intimate, poignant and often hilarious portrait of these two remarkable women than has ever been revealed before.

Another Side of Paradise by Sally Koslow - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Harper Paperbacks | 9780062696779 | Published May 28, 2019

In 1937 Hollywood, gossip columnist Sheilah Graham’s star is on the rise, while literary wonder boy F. Scott Fitzgerald’s career is slowly drowning in booze. But the once-famous author, desperate to make money penning scripts for the silver screen, is charismatic enough to attract the gorgeous Miss Graham. Like Fitzgerald’s hero, Jay Gatsby, Graham has meticulously constructed a life far removed from the poverty of her childhood in London’s slums. A notorious drunk famously married to the doomed Zelda, Fitzgerald fell hard for his “Shielah” (he never learned to spell her name), who would stay with him and help revive his career until his tragic death three years later.

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Penguin Books | 9780525522799 | Published May 28, 2019

When Sarah meets Eddie, they connect instantly and fall in love. To Sarah, it seems as though her life has finally begun. And it's mutual: It's as though Eddie has been waiting for her, too. Sarah has never been so certain of anything. So when Eddie leaves for a long-booked vacation and promises to call from the airport, she has no cause to doubt him. But he doesn't call. Sarah's friends tell her to forget about him, but she can't. She knows something has happened --- there must be an explanation. Minutes, days, weeks go by as Sarah becomes increasingly worried. But then she discovers she's right. There is a reason for Eddie's disappearance, and it's the one thing they didn't share with each other: the truth.

Last Woman Standing by Amy Gentry - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Mariner Books | 9780358108535 | Published May 28, 2019

Dana Diaz is an aspiring stand-up comedian. When she meets a tough computer programmer named Amanda Dorn, the two bond over their struggles in boys’ club professions. Dana confides that she’s recently been harassed and assaulted while in L.A., and Amanda comes up with a plan: they should go after each other’s assailants. But Dana finds that revenge, however sweet, draws her into a more complicated series of betrayals. Soon her distrust turns to paranoia, encompassing strangers, friends --- and even herself. At what cost will she get her vengeance? Who will end up getting hurt? And when it’s all over, will there be anyone left to trust?

Long Road to Mercy: An Atlee Pine Thriller by David Baldacci - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538761533 | Published May 28, 2019

When one of the Grand Canyon's mules is found stabbed to death at the bottom of the canyon --- and its rider missing --- FBI agent Atlee Pine is called in to investigate. It soon seems clear that the lost tourist had something more clandestine than sightseeing in mind. But just as Pine begins to put together clues pointing to a terrifying plot, she's abruptly called off the case. If she disobeys direct orders by continuing to search for the missing man, it will mean the end of her career. But unless Pine keeps working the case and discovers the truth, it could spell the very end of democracy in America as we know it.

One More Lie by Amy Lloyd - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Hanover Square Press | 9781335938039 | Published May 28, 2019

Charlotte wants to start fresh. She wants to forget her past, forget prison and, most of all, forget Sean. But old habits die hard. Despite the ankle monitor she must wear as part of her parole agreement and frequent visits to her therapist, she soon finds herself sliding back toward the type of behavior that sent her to prison in the first place. The further down that path she goes, however, the closer she gets to the crime that put her in prison all those years ago. And that’s the one memory she can’t face. Until, one day, Sean tracks her down.

Paul Simon: The Life by Robert Hilburn - Biography, Music, Nonfiction

Simon & Schuster | 9781501112133 | Published May 28, 2019

For more than 50 years, Paul Simon has spoken to us in songs about alienation, doubt, resilience and empathy in ways that have established him as one of the most beloved artists in American pop music history. But Simon is a deeply private person who has resisted speaking to us outside of his music. He has said he will not write an autobiography or memoir, and he has refused to talk to previous biographers. Finally, Simon has opened up --- for more than 100 hours of interviews --- to Robert Hilburn. The result is a deeply human account of the challenges and sacrifices of a life in music at the highest level.

Tear It Down: A Peter Ash Novel by Nick Petrie - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780399575686 | Published May 28, 2019

Iraq war veteran Peter Ash heads to Memphis to help Wanda Wyatt, a photographer and war correspondent who's been receiving peculiar threats. Upon his arrival, however, he finds that the situation has gone downhill fast --- someone has just driven a dump truck into Wanda's living room. But neither Wanda nor Peter can figure out why. At the same time, a young homeless street musician finds himself roped into a plan to rob a jewelry store. The heist doesn't go as planned, and the young man finds himself holding a sack full of Rolexes and running for his life. Peter likes the skinny kid's smarts and attitude, but he soon discovers that the desperate musician is in far worse trouble than he knows. And Wanda's troubles are only beginning.

The Disappearing by Lori Roy - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Dutton | 9781524741945 | Published May 28, 2019

When Lane Fielding fled her isolated Florida hometown after high school, she swore she'd never return. But 20 years later, she finds herself tending bar at the local dive and living with her parents on the historic Fielding Plantation. Here, the past haunts her and the sinister crimes of her father --- the former director of an infamous boys' school --- make her as unwelcome in town as she was the day she left. Ostracized by the people she was taught to trust, Lane's unsteady truce with the town is rattled when her older daughter suddenly vanishes. When Lane's younger daughter admits to having made a new and unseemly friend, a desperate Lane attacks her hometown's façade to discover whether her daughter's disappearance is payback for her father's crimes --- or for her own.

The Emperor of Shoes by Spencer Wise - Fiction

Hanover Square Press | 9781335005489 | Published May 28, 2019

Alex Cohen, a 26-year-old Jewish Bostonian, is living in southern China, where his father runs their family-owned shoe factory. Alex reluctantly assumes the helm of the company, but as he explores the plant’s vast floors and assembly lines, he comes to a grim realization: employees are exploited, regulatory systems are corrupt, and Alex’s own father is engaging in bribes to protect the bottom line. When Alex meets a seamstress named Ivy, his sympathies begin to shift. She is an embedded organizer of a pro-democratic Chinese party, secretly sowing dissonance among her fellow laborers. Will Alex remain loyal to his father and his heritage? Or will the sparks of revolution ignite?

The Helicopter Heist: A Novel Based on True Events written by Jonas Bonnier, translated by Alice Menzies - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Other Press | 9781590519509 | Published May 28, 2019

After years of petty crime, Sami is training to be a chef. But when a business deal suddenly goes sideways, he is left wondering how he'll ever provide for his newborn daughter. Michel and his family fled a bloody civil war in Lebanon. He's trying to turn over a new leaf, but the past just won't let him go. Niklas has traveled the world and made an effort to become the sort of person people talked about, but no good has come of it. Zoran is a businessman who knows everyone and seals a deal with a handshake. And Alexandra? She's the reason that the four men found themselves plotting to rob a Stockholm cash depot in September 2009. At first, the plan seems foolproof. But not everyone is who they seem. What secrets does each man hold?

The Judge Hunter by Christopher Buckley - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humor

Simon & Schuster | 9781501192531 | Published May 28, 2019

London, 1664. Twenty years after the English revolution, the monarchy has been restored and Charles II sits on the throne. The men who conspired to kill his father are either dead or disappeared. Baltasar “Balty” St. Michel is 24 and has no skills and no employment. He gets by on handouts from his brother-in-law, Samuel Pepys, an officer in the king’s navy. Fed up with his needy relative, Pepys offers Balty a job in the New World. He is to track down two missing judges who were responsible for the execution of the last king, Charles I. When Balty’s ship arrives in Boston, he finds a strange country filled with fundamentalist Puritans, saintly Quakers, warring tribes of Indians, and rogues of every stripe.

The Real Michael Swann by Bryan Reardon - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Dutton | 9781524742348 | Published May 28, 2019

Julia Swann, mother of two young boys, is on the phone with her husband, Michael, when the call abruptly cuts out. It isn’t until later in the evening when she discovers that something terrible has happened at Penn Station, where Michael was waiting for a train home. Julia races to New York City to look for Michael, her panicked searching interwoven with memories of meeting and falling in love with the husband she’s now desperate to find. When someone finds a flier she’s posted and tells her they may have seen her husband, her prayers seem to be answered. Yet as she tries to find him, her calls go unanswered. Did Michael survive? If so, why hasn’t he contacted her? Was he --- or is he still --- the man she fell in love with?

Mass Market Paperback

Robert B. Parker's Old Black Magic: A Spenser Novel by Ace Atkins - Fiction, Mystery

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9781101982464 | Published May 7, 2019

The heist was legendary, still talked about 20 years after the priceless paintings disappeared from one of Boston's premier art museums. Most thought the art was lost forever. But when paint chips from the most valuable piece stolen, Gentlemen in Black by a Spanish master, arrives at the desk of a Boston journalist, the museum finds hope and enlists Spenser's help. Soon the cold art case thrusts Spenser into the shady world of black market art dealers, aged Mafia bosses and old vendettas. A five-million-dollar-reward by the museum's top benefactor sets Spenser and pals Vinnie Morris and Hawk onto a trail of hidden secrets, jailhouse confessions and decades-old murders.

The Gray Ghost: A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780735218987 | Published May 7, 2019

In 1906, a groundbreaking Rolls-Royce prototype known as the Gray Ghost vanishes from the streets of Manchester, England, and it is only the lucky intervention of an American detective named Isaac Bell that prevents it from being lost forever. However, not even he can save the good name of Marcus Peyton, the man wrongly blamed for the theft. More than a hundred years later, it is his grandson who turns to Sam and Remi Fargo to help prove his grandfather's innocence. But there is even more at stake than any of them know. For the car has vanished again, and in it is an object so rare that it has the capacity to change lives.

A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Minotaur Books | 9781250121325 | Published May 28, 2019

When a historic barn burns to the ground in the middle of the night, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called in to investigate. At first, it looks like an accident, but when the body of 18-year-old Daniel Gingerich is found inside --- burned alive --- Kate suspects murder. Who would want a well-liked, hardworking young Amish man dead? Kate delves into the investigation only to find herself stonewalled by the community to which she once belonged. Is their silence a result of the Amish tenet of separation? Or is this peaceful and deeply religious community conspiring to hide a truth no one wants to talk about?

Bimini Twist: A Jane Bunker Mystery by Linda Greenlaw - Fiction, Mystery

St. Martin's Paperbacks | 9781250214324 | Published May 28, 2019

In BIMINI TWIST, part-time deputy sheriff Jane Bunker takes on a missing person case --- a young woman working at the Bar Harbor Inn has disappeared. The Inn employs foreign exchange students from all over the world during the busy summer season, and the missing Bianca Chiriac is one of them. When it becomes clear that Bianca isn’t just sleeping off a late-night party, Jane is plunged into the underbelly of the resort town, and must find the missing woman before the worst happens.

Four Dominions: A Testament Novel by Eric Van Lustbader - Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Forge Books | 9780765388612 | Published May 28, 2019

The End of Days has been predicted for the last 2,000 years, but now it is upon us. Emma and Bravo Shaw have rescued the Testament of Lucifer from nefarious hands. But despite their efforts, Lucifer's Fallen have already woken, including the four thrones of legend, and their corruption reaches to the highest ranks. Even the Shaws are not immune, as Leviathan is coming, and no one is safe.

Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer - Fiction, Historical Fiction

St. Martin's Griffin | 9781250214225 | Published May 28, 2019

Russia, 1968. When his father is assassinated by the KGB for defying the state, Alexander Karpenko and his mother must flee the country if they hope to survive. At the docks, they are confronted with an irreversible choice: should they board a container ship bound for America --- or go to Great Britain? In a single moment, a double twist decides Alexander’s future. But what if the epic events of his life had played out differently? How would his experience as a struggling immigrant have been on one continent versus the other? The only way for Alexander to answer these questions --- and learn his true destiny --- is to face the past he left behind in Russia. But is his need to settle the score with his old friend, Vladimir, worth the risk of losing everything…including his own life?

In His Father's Footsteps by Danielle Steel - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Dell | 9780399179280 | Published May 28, 2019

When U.S. troops occupy Germany, friends Jakob and Emmanuelle are saved from the terrible fate of so many in the camps. With the help of sponsors, they make their way to New York. In order not to be separated, they allow their friendship to blossom into love and marriage, and start a new life on the Lower East Side. Decades later, Jakob has achieved success in the diamond business, invested in real estate in New York, and shown his son, Max, that America is truly the land of opportunity. Max chooses a perfect bride to start the perfect American family. But after the birth of children, and with a failing marriage, he can no longer deny that his wife is not the woman he thought she was.

Shell Game: A V.I. Warshawski Novel by Sara Paretsky - Fiction, Mystery

William Morrow | 9780062435873 | Published May 28, 2019

When V.I. Warshawski gets word that her close friend and mentor Lotty Herschel’s nephew has become a murder suspect, the legendary detective will do everything to save him. The cops found Felix Herschel’s name and phone number on the unknown victim’s remains, but Felix insists he doesn’t know why. Soon Vic discovers that the dead man was obsessed with Middle Eastern archaeology --- the first clue in a bewildering case. But the trouble multiplies when Vic’s long-lost niece, Reno, goes missing. Reno is harboring a secret that may cost her her life. V.I. can hear the clock ticking on her niece’s safety and is frantic in her efforts to find her.