Alan Moore

Alan Moore is one of the most reknowned graphic novel authors of all time. He began by contributing to Doctor Who Weekly and the famous science fiction title 2000 AD. His series  Miracleman and V For Vendetta. Both of these works earned Alan Moore the British Eagle Awards for Best Comics Writer in 1982 and 1983. His his first American series was Saga of the Swamp Thing. In 1986 Alan Moore came out with WATCHMEN which  redefined the comic book medium and changing the very tone of comics to this day. Watchmen became the first comic book to be a recipient of the prestigious Hugo Award. Alan Moore has written for Batman and Superman series, notably THE KILLING JOKE. Although he has had his disagreements with mainstream publishers over the years, he still sells lots of books and has earned the reputation as a top writer. He has since moved away from mainstream comics but continues to write.

Alan Moore

Books by Alan Moore

by Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray and Charles Vess - Fiction, Graphic Novel

The entire 32-issue run of Promethea is collected in a single, extraordinary hardcover volume that spotlights the amazing artwork of J.H. Williams III, with each two-page spread in the series presented on single pages of this horizontally formatted collection! Don’t miss this new collection of Alan Moore’s entrancing occult masterpiece, collecting the magical adventures of Sophie Bangs, an ordinary college student in a weirdly futuristic New York, whose life will be changed by her research into the mythical warrior woman known as Promethea!

written by Alan Moore; illustrated by Stephen Bissette and John Totleben - Graphic Novel

Before becoming famous for WATCHMEN, writer Alan Moore took a mostly forgotten monster comic and turned it into a brilliant, epic horror story for the ages. SWAMP THING marks his rise to prominence in the field and shows the genius of Moore's writing.

written by Alan Moore; illustrated by David Lloyd - Graphic Novel

This intense story follows the actions of a person known only as "V," who dons a Guy Fawkes mask as he preaches anarchism and carries out a one-man war with a totalitarian government. But what is right and wrong is hard to say in this complex story that challenges the reader's ideas in a profound way.

Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Eddie Campbell - Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction

FROM HELL is the story of Jack the Ripper, perhaps the most infamous man in the annals of murder.

written by Alan Moore; illustrated by Dave Gibbons - Graphic Novel

Alan Moore turned the superhero universe on its ear with 1986's WATCHMEN. WATCHMEN was a reworking of the comics of the industry's heyday in the 1940s and 1950s, but it was the real world that threatened these characters far more than any super villain. This is one of the biggest and most respected classics in all of comics!