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Susan Crandall


Susan Crandall

Susan Crandall is an award-winning women's fiction, suspense, romance and mystery author. Her first book, BACK ROADS, won the RITA award for best first book, as well as two National Reader's Choice awards in 2003. She has released eight more critically-acclaimed and award-winning novels since. Susan lives in Indiana.

Books by Susan Crandall

by Susan Crandall - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Susan Crandall’s latest novel takes place in the summer of 1963 and introduces readers to nine-year-old Starla Claudelle, who runs away from home to be with her mother in Nashville and is offered a ride by a black woman who is traveling with a white baby. As the two unlikely companions make their long and sometimes dangerous journey, Starla’s eyes are opened to the harsh realities of 1963 southern segregation.