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Stephen M. Miller


Stephen M. Miller

Like many writers, Stephen M. Miller started out as a newspaper reporter. While those who know him call him Steve, he uses his full name when he writes professionally. After his mother saw his byline in a newspaper article early on in his career --- by Steve Miller --- she commented, "I didn't name you 'Steve.'" Steve got the message, so it's been "Stephen" ever since.

Before reporting for the newspaper, Stephen received a journalism degree from Kent State University. He decided to focus his writing attentions on the Christian faith and received a master's degree in seminary by continuing his education in biblical studies.

Now a best-selling author, Stephen is a freelance journalist and editor who writes on a variety of topics, including family and health, but specializes in easy-reading Bible reference books. Among his recent releases are THE BIBLE: A History, HOW TO GET THE BIBLE INTO MY LIFE, and HOW TO GET INTO THE BIBLE, which became a Christian reference book bestseller and a Gold Medallion finalist the year it was released, and remains a top-selling Bible handbook. His newest book --- WHO'S WHO & WHERE'S WHERE IN THE BIBLE --- beautifully illustrated with color photos, is Stephen's first project with Barbour Books.

Stephen's critically acclaimed career includes work for more than a dozen publishers, including Reader's Digest Books, Guideposts Books and Christianity Today's Christian History magazine.

With the tag team of Zondervan and Christianity Today, Stephen served as a writer and contributing editor for THE QUEST STUDY BIBLE, which remains one of the best-selling study Bibles in the country. He also served as both a writer and an editor for Grolier's Family Bible Cards.

Stephen, his wife Linda, and their two children, Rebecca and Bradley, make their home in Olathe, Kansas.

Stephen M. Miller