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Siri Hustvedt


Siri Hustvedt

Siri Hustvedt is the internationally acclaimed author of five novels: THE SORROWS OF AN AMERICAN, WHAT I LOVED, THE ENCHANTMENT OF LILY DAHL, THE BLINDFOLD and THE SUMMER WITHOUT MEN, as well as a growing body of nonfiction. She lives in Brooklyn.

Siri Hustvedt

Books by Siri Hustvedt

by Siri Hustvedt - Art, Culture, Essays, Nonfiction, Politics, Sex, Women's Studies

A compelling and radical collection of essays on art, feminism, neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy from prize-winning novelist Siri Hustvedt, the acclaimed author of THE BLAZING WORLD and WHAT I LOVED. Siri Husvedt has always been fascinated by biology and how human perception works. She is a lover of art, the humanities, and the sciences. She is a novelist and a feminist. Her lively, lucid essays in A WOMAN LOOKING AT MEN LOOKING AT WOMEN begin to make some sense of those plural perspectives.

by Siri Hustvedt - Fiction

After years of watching her work ignored or dismissed by critics, artist Harriet Burden conducts an experiment she calls Maskings: she presents her own art behind three male masks, concealing her female identity. When Burden finally steps forward triumphantly to reveal herself as the artist behind the exhibitions, there are critics who doubt her. The public scandal turns on the final exhibition, initially shown as the work of acclaimed artist Rune, who denies Burden’s role in its creation.

by Siri Hustvedt - Essays, Nonfiction

LIVING, THINKING, LOOKING brings together 32 essays written between 2006 and 2011, in which Siri Hustvedt culls insights from philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis and literature. The book is divided into three sections: the essays in Living draw directly from Hustvedt’s life; those in Thinking explore memory, emotion and the imagination; and the pieces in Looking are about visual art.