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Sheila Kohler


Sheila Kohler

Sheila Kohler was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She later lived in Paris for fifteen years, where she married, completed her undergraduate degree in Literature at the Sorbonne, and a graduate degree in Psychology at the Institut Catholique. She moved to the U.S. in 1981 and earned an MFA in Writing at Columbia. She currently teaches at Princeton University. BECOMING JANE EYRE is her 10th book. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, O Magazine and included in the Best American Short Stories. She has twice won an O’Henry Prize, as well as an Open Fiction Award, a Willa Cather Prize, and a Smart Family Foundation Prize. Her novel CRACKS was nominated for an Impac Award, and has been made into a feature film to be distributed by IFC. She has been published in 8 countries.

Sheila Kohler

Books by Sheila Kohler

by Sheila Kohler - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

In the fall of 1900, Dora’s father forces her to begin treatment with the doctor. Visiting him daily, the 17-year-old girl lies on his ottoman and tells him frankly about her strange life, and above all about her father's desires as far as she is concerned. But Dora abruptly ends her treatment after only 11 weeks, just as Freud was convinced he was on the cusp of a major discovery.

by Sheila Kohler - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In BECOMING JANE EYRE, Sheila Kohler uses extensive research and her own imagination to bring the tragedy-filled circumstances of Charlotte Brontë and her family vividly to life. BECOMING JANE EYRE is the story of Anne, Emily and Charlotte as they struggle with love, family, finances and their writing.