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Rose Tremain


Rose Tremain

Rose Tremain's bestselling novels have been published in 30 countries. She is the winner of the Orange Broadband Prize, the Whitbread Novel of the Year Award and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Her novel RESTORATION was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Her most recent novels are TRESPASS and MERIVEL. She lives in Norfolk and London.

Rose Tremain

Books by Rose Tremain

by Rose Tremain - Fiction, Friendship, Judiasm, Literary, Literary Fiction

As an only child growing up in a small town in Switzerland, Gustav Perle lives alone with Emilie, the mother he adores but who treats him with bitter severity. He begins an intense friendship with a Jewish boy his age, the talented Anton Zweibel, a budding concert pianist. The novel follows Gustav’s family, tracing the roots of his mother’s anti-Semitism and its impact on her son and his beloved friend. Moving backward and then forward through the years, THE GUSTAV SONATA explores a friendship as it is lost, transformed, and regained over a lifetime.

by Rose Tremain - Fiction, Short Stories

Trapped in a London apartment, Beth remembers a transgressive love affair in 1960s Paris. The most famous writer in Russia takes his last breath in a stationmaster’s cottage, miles from Moscow. A young woman who is about to marry a rich aristocrat instead begins a torrid relationship with a construction worker. A father, finally free of his daughter’s demands, embarks on a long swim from his Canadian lakeside retreat. And in the grandest house of all, Danni the Polish housekeeper catches the eye of an enigmatic visitor, Daphne du Maurier.