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Robert Hicks


Robert Hicks

Robert Hicks, the author of THE WIDOW OF THE SOUTH, was born and raised in South Florida. In 1974 he moved to Williamson County, Tennessee; in 1979 he moved to 'Labor in Vain,' a late-eighteenth-century log cabin, near Leiper's Fork, Tennessee.

Working both as a music publisher and in artist management in both country and rock music, Hick's interests remain broad and varied. A partner in the B. B. King's Blues clubs in Nashville, Memphis and Los Angeles, Hicks serves as 'Curator of Vibe' of the corporation.

Robert Hicks

Books by Robert Hicks

by Robert Hicks - Fiction, Historical Fiction

In the years following the Civil War, Mariah Reddick, former slave to Carrie McGavock --- the "Widow of the South" --- has quietly built a new life for herself as a midwife to the women of Franklin, Tennessee. But when her ambitious, politically-minded grown son, Theopolis, is murdered, Mariah, who is no stranger to loss, finds her world once more breaking apart. Mariah's journey to uncover the truth leads her to unexpected people --- including George Tole, a recent arrival to town, fleeing a difficult past of his own --- and forces her to confront the truths of her own past.