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Peter Spiegelman


Peter Spiegelman

Peter Spiegelman is the author of BLACK MAPS, which won the 2004 Shamus Award for Best First P.I. Novel, DEATH'S LITTLE HELPERS and RED CAT. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Mr. Spiegelman spent nearly 20 years in the financial services and software industries, and worked with leading banks and brokerages around the world. He lives in Connecticut.

Peter Spiegelman

Books by Peter Spiegelman

by Peter Spiegelman - Fiction, Medicine, Military, Suspense, Thriller

Dr. Adam Knox  runs a clinic near Los Angeles's Skid Row, making ends meet by making house calls on those too famous or too criminal to seek other medical care. When a young boy is abandoned at his clinic, Knox is determined to find his famil. Knox's search for the volatile woman who may or may not be the boy's mother leads him and his friend --- former Special Forces operator Ben Sutter --- into a labyrinth of human traffickers, Russian mobsters and corporate security thugs, and to a powerful, secretive and utterly ruthless family that threatens to destroy Dr. Knox and all that he holds dear.

by Peter Spiegelman - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

From the author of RED CAT comes a new thriller that takes us inside a hair-raising heist, where paranoia hangs as heavy as the tropical heat, and the only law is Murphy's.