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Pete Hamill


Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill is a novelist, journalist, editor and screenwriter. He is the author of 17 previous books, including the bestselling novel SNOW IN AUGUST and the bestselling memoir A DRINKING LIFE. He writes a column for the New York Daily News and lives in New York City.

Pete Hamill

Books by Pete Hamill

by Pete Hamill - Fiction, Short Stories

Never before collected in one volume, here are Pete Hamill's stories about Brooklyn, the borough in which he was born and grew up, and the one closest to his heart. These are stories of a New York almost lost but not forgotten, brimming over with nostalgia --- for the world after the war, the city before heroin and crack, the days of the Dodgers and Giants, even, for some, the world of the Depression.

by Pete Hamill - Fiction, Thriller

As much a thriller as it is a gripping portrait of the city of today, TABLOID CITY is a new fiction classic from the writer who has captured it perfectly for decades.

by Pete Hamill - Fiction, Historical Fiction

One snowy New Year's Day, in the midst of the Great Depression, Dr. James Delaney--haunted by the slaughters of the Great War, and abandoned by his wife and daughter--returns home to find his three-year-old grandson on his doorstep, left by his mother in Delaney's care. Coping with this unexpected arrival, Delaney hires Rose, a tough, decent Sicilian woman with a secret in her past.