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Marisa de los Santos


Marisa de los Santos

The bestselling author of LOVE WALKED IN, Marisa de los Santos is an award-winning poet with a Ph.D. in literature and creative writing. She lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with her husband and children.

Marisa de los Santos

Books by Marisa de los Santos

by Marisa de los Santos - Fiction

A remarkable friendship ended abruptly, only to be resurrected in great need years later at a college reunion. This launches three formerly devoted companions and reluctant family members alike on a sobering, enlightening journey across the world and through the past. 

by Marisa de los Santos - Christian, Women's Fiction

Cornelia Brown’s coffee shop is the site of a number of unexpected changes in Cornelia’s life. First she finds love when Martin Grace walks in the door. Then Clare Hobbs, a young girl abandoned by her parents , comes in, and Cornelia’s world is turned upside down.