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Lynne Hinton


Lynne Hinton

A retreat leader and writing teacher, Lynne Hinton is the author of numerous novels, including WEDDING CAKE, CHRISTMAS CAKE, FRIENDSHIP CAKE, HOPE SPRINGS and FOREVER FRIENDS. She also writes a mystery series under the name Jackie Lynn. She lives in New Mexico.

Lynne Hinton

Books by Lynne Hinton

by Lynne Hinton - Contemporary Fiction, Mental Health

There are pies in the diner again, the church has been rebuilt, and single mother Trina Lockhart has found a home for herself and her baby daughter. Trina has even found love with Raymond Twinhorse, who has returned from Afghanistan after being injured and is trying to form a real family with her. However, Raymond is a different man since coming back and when he is implicated in a crime, it will take all of Pie Town to help and heal him.

by Lynne Hinton - Fiction

The national bestselling author of FRIENDSHIP CAKE returns with a delightful new series, set in a small town in New Mexico, that is rich in charm, warmth and wisdom.