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Lorenzo Carcaterra


Lorenzo Carcaterra

Lorenzo Carcaterra is the New York Times bestselling author of A SAFE PLACE, SLEEPERS, APACHES, GANGSTER, STREET BOYS, PARADISE CITY, CHASERS and MIDNIGHT ANGELS. He has worked as a New York Daily News reporter, managing editor for the CBS series “Top Cops” and a writer/producer for “Law & Order.” He writes about Italy for the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. He lives in New York and is married, has two children and owns the coolest Olde English Bulldog in town, Gus.

Photo Credit: Katie Carcaterra

Books by Lorenzo Carcaterra

by Lorenzo Carcaterra - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

When the world's most powerful mob boss loses his wife and daughters in a terrorist attack funded by one of his rivals, he resolves to turn the tables. Rallying the heads of the globe's top criminal organizations, Vincent Marelli launches a war that may be his last. With the weight of the criminal world on his shoulders, he has only one desire in his heart: to know who ordered the hit that took out his girls.