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John Maxtone-Graham


John Maxtone-Graham

John Maxtone-Graham is a well-known cruise ship speaker. He was raised in Hoboken, New Jersey and graduated from Brown University in 1951. In 1972, he wrote his first book on ocean liners, THE ONLY WAY TO CROSS, to be followed by numerous other books for small publishing houses. He recently wrote FRANCE/NORWAY, published by W.W. Norton in 2010. His next book, TITANIC TRAGEDY, is now available from W. W. Norton.

John Maxtone-Graham

Books by John Maxtone-Graham

by John Maxtone-Graham - History, Nonfiction

The last great American ocean liner, SS United Statescould be converted to a 14,000-man troop carrier and was capable of attaining a speed of over 40 knots (although in her luxury Atlantic crossings the ship was much slower). Sadly, jet travel put an end to ocean crossings, and the all-aluminum ship rests in Philadelphia while groups of fans continue to try to repurpose it.  

by John Maxtone-Graham - Historical , Nonfiction

Rather than offering simply a detailed retelling of the Titanic sinking, John Maxtone-Graham devotes his considerable knowledge and impeccable prose to a discussion of salient, provocative, and rarely investigated components of the story.