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Ingrid Thoft


Ingrid Thoft

Ingrid Thoft

Books by Ingrid Thoft

by Ingrid Thoft - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

It’s been a couple months since Fina’s last big case --- the one that exposed dark family secrets and called Fina’s family loyalty into question --- but there’s no rest for the weary, especially when your boss is Carl Ludlow.

by Ingrid Thoft - Crime Fiction

The Ludlows are a hard-charging family, and patriarch Carl Ludlow treats his offspring like employees --- which they are. His daughter, Fina, is the firm’s private investigator, working alongside her brothers. Juggling her family of high-powered (and highly dysfunctional) attorneys, the cops and Boston’s criminal element is usually something Fina does without breaking a sweat. But when her sister-in-law disappears, she’s caught up in a case unlike any she’s encountered before.