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Howard Frank Mosher


Howard Frank Mosher

Howard Frank Mosher is the author of 10 novels and two memoirs. He was honored with the New England Independent Booksellers Association's President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts and is the recipient of the Literature Award bestowed by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His novel A STRANGER IN THE KINGDOM won the New England Book Award for fiction and was later made into a movie, as were his novels DISAPPEARANCES and WHERE THE RIVERS FLOW NORTH.

Howard Frank Mosher

Books by Howard Frank Mosher

by Howard Frank Mosher - Family, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Set in the world of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, Mosher chronicles the intertwining family histories of the natives, wanderers, outcasts, and fugitives-white, Native American, escaped slaves fleeing north, French Canadians, and others who settled in this remote and beautiful place.

by Howard Frank Mosher - Memoir, Nonfiction

Faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer at age 64, novelist Howard Frank Mosher embarked on a 20,000-mile book promotion tour that took him to some 150 independent bookstores. In this memoir, he recounts that journey, as well as one back to the roots of his writing career.

by Howard Frank Mosher - Fiction, Sports
Noted for its fervent, if unrequited, devotion to the Boston Red Sox, Kingdom Common sports a replica of Fenway Park's Green Monster. Here, in a region that lags decades behind the rest of New England, eight year old Ethan "E.A." Allen lives with his honky-tonk mother and the acid-tongued Gran, wheelchair-bound since the Sox’s heart-wrenching playoff loss to the Yankees in 1978. Into the world of the Allen family comes a drifter named Teddy, who is determined to do one decent thing in his life by teaching E.A. everything he knows about baseball.