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Emilie Richards


Emilie Richards

Emilie Richards’s many novels feature complex characterization and in-depth explorations of social issues, a result of her training and experience as a family counselor, which contribute to her fascination with relationships of all kinds. Emilie, a mother of four, lives with her husband in Florida, where she is currently working on her next novel for Harlequin MIRA.

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Books by Emilie Richards

by Emilie Richards - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Two women are standing at a crossroads, a place where unlikely unions can be formed. A place where two very different women might bridge the gap between generations and education, and together make tough choices. Somewhere between the townships called Luck and Trust, at a mountain cabin known as the Goddess House, these two women may even, if they dare, find common ground and friendship.

by Emilie Richards - Fiction

A group of women form an unlikely friendship as they search for love and happiness along the Florida coast.