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D. A. Mishani


D. A. Mishani

D. A. Mishani is a literary scholar specializing in the history of detective literature. THE MISSING FILE is his first novel and the first in a series featuring the police inspector Avraham Avraham. The second book, A POSSIBILITY OF VIOLENCE, will be published by Harper in 2014.

D. A. Mishani

Books by D. A. Mishani

by D. A. Mishani - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense

Haunted by the past and his own limitations, Israeli Detective Avraham Avraham must stop a criminal ruthless enough to target children in this evocative and gripping tale of mystery and psychological suspense that is the follow-up to THE MISSING FILE, the acclaimed first novel in D. A. Mishani’s literary crime series that was shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger Award.

written by D. A. Mishani, translated from the Hebrew by Steven Cohen - Fiction, Mystery

According to Police Inspector Avraham, “Regular kids don’t just disappear. They may decide to cut school, to get away from home for a few hours, or be too ashamed to come home because they’ve done something unforgivable. But they don’t simply disappear.” But when a 16-year-old boy inexplicably vanishes from suburban Tel Aviv, the guilt-ridden detective assumes an active role in the inquiry.