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Chris Cleave


Chris Cleave

Chris Cleave is the author of INCENDIARY and the #1 New York Times bestseller LITTLE BEE. He lives with his wife and three children in Kingston-upon-Thames, England.

Books by Chris Cleave

by Chris Cleave - Fiction

Kate and Zoe met at 19 when they both made the cut for the national training program in track cycling. They are built to exploit the barest physical and psychological edge over equally skilled rivals. Now at 32, the women are facing their last and biggest race: the 2012 Olympics. Each wants desperately to win gold, and each has more than a medal to lose.

by Chris Cleave

Little Bee, a young Nigerian refugee, has just been released from the British immigration detention center where she's been held for the past two years. Alone in a foreign country, she seeks out the only English person she knows: a posh young mother and magazine editor with whom she shares a dark and tumultuous past.