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CB McKenzie


CB McKenzie

C.B. McKenzie Jr. teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and has also taught at the University of Arizona, Arizona State, Farleigh Dickinson and Pima Community College. He is the author of BAD COUNTRY and lives in New York.

CB McKenzie

Books by CB McKenzie

by CB McKenzie - Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Noir

Bob Reynolds doesn't recognize the body in the creek, but he does recognize the danger of it. He's a newcomer to town, and not entirely on good footing with the sheriff. So far, he's kept his head down. But he has other interests than drinking and spending his inheritance, including one that goes by the name Tammy Fay Smith and who may have caught the sheriff's eye as well. Bob would rather pretend he never saw the body, but when it disappears he begins to doubt what little he knew about this secretive town. he can't just forget the body, despite the advice he's given to do so --- and despite the evidence to suggest that he might be disappearing along with it.

by CB McKenzie - Fiction, Mystery

Retired from the rodeo circuit, Rodeo Grace Garnet doesn't have much choice but to say yes when offered an unusual case. An elderly Indian woman from his own Reservation has hired him to help discover who murdered her grandson, but she seems strangely uninterested in the results. Her attitude appears to be heartless, but as Rodeo pursues interrelated cases, he learns that the old woman's indifference is nothing compared to true hatred.