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Barbara Taylor Bradford


Barbara Taylor Bradford

Barbara Taylor Bradford was born and brought up in England, where she started her writing career as a journalist. She has written twenty-nine international bestsellers. THE CAVENDON WOMEN is her thirtieth novel. In 2007 Queen Elizabeth awarded her the OBE for her literary achievements. She lives in New York with her husband, television, and film producer Robert Bradford.

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Books by Barbara Taylor Bradford

by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Fiction, Historical , Historical Fiction

CAVENDON WOMEN, the sequel to Barbara Taylor Bradford’s CAVENDON HALL, follows the Inghams’ and the Swanns’ journey from a family weekend in the summer of 1926 through to the devastation of the Wall Street crash of 1929. It all begins on a summer weekend in July of 1926 when, for the first time in years, the earl has planned a family weekend. As the family members come together, secrets, problems, joys and sorrows are revealed.

by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Fiction, Historical Fiction

For hundreds of years leading up to England's Edwardian era, the fates of the elite Ingham family and their servants and confidantes, the Swanns, have been intertwined in ways that leave each group wondering how they would ever survive the triumphs and tragedies of life without the help and love of the other.

by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Fiction, Romance

At 30, American photojournalist Serena Stone has already made a name for herself with her unique and dramatic coverage of wars in the Middle East, following in her famous father's footsteps. But after his unexpected death in France, she ends her job at the renowned photo news agency. When Serena discovers that her former lover Zachary North is in trouble overseas, she is forced to head back to a place she was trying to escape... and her life will never be the same again.

by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Fiction, Romance

Justine Nolan is a documentary film maker who lost her beloved grandmother a decade ago --- the person who was the only source of love and comfort in her life. But when Justine inadvertently opens a letter addressed to her mother, she discovers that not only is her grandmother alive, but that her mother has deliberately estranged the family from her.