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Alice LaPlante


Alice LaPlante

Alice LaPlante is an award-winning and bestselling author of numerous books, including A CIRCLE OF WIVES and the New York Times bestseller TURN OF MIND, which was the winner of the Wellcome Trust's Book Prize and a B&N Discover Award finalist. She teaches creative writing at Stanford University and in the MFA program at San Francisco State University.

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Alice LaPlante

Books by Alice LaPlante

by Alice LaPlante - Fiction

Never one to conform, Anna always had trouble fitting in. When a sudden melancholia takes hold of her life at the age of 16, she loses her sense of self and purpose. Then the Goldschmidts move in next door. They're active members of a religious cult, and Anna is awestruck by both their son, Lars, and their fervent violent prophecies for the Tribulation at the End of Days. Within months, Anna's life will undergo profound changes. But when her newfound beliefs threaten to push her over the edge, she must find her way back to center with the help of unlikely friends.

by Alice LaPlante - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

When Dr. John Taylor is found dead in a hotel room in his hometown, the local police find enough incriminating evidence to suspect foul play. Detective Samantha Adams is innocently thrown into a high-profile murder case that is more intricately intertwined than she ever could imagine. It turns out that Dr. Taylor was married to three very different women in three separate cities. And when these three unsuspecting ladies show up at his funeral, suspicions run high.

by Alice LaPlante - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

In Alice LaPlante's masterful, haunting debut novel, a former orthopedic surgeon suffering from dementia becomes the primary suspect in the murder of her best friend and neighbor.