Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott is the author of the New York Times bestsellers HELP, THANKS, WOW, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, GRACE (EVENTUALLY), PLAN B and several others. A past recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an inductee to the California Hall of Fame, she lives in Northern California.

Anne Lamott

Books by Anne Lamott

by Anne Lamott - Essays, Nonfiction

Anne Lamott writes about faith, family and community in essays that are both wise and irreverent. In SMALL VICTORIES, Lamott offers a new message of hope that celebrates the triumph of light over the darkness in our lives. Our victories over hardship and pain may seem small, but they change us. She writes of forgiveness, restoration and transformation, how we can turn toward love even in the most hopeless situations, how we find the joy in getting lost and our amazement in finally being found.

Anne Lamott with Sam Lamott - Nonfiction

Stunned to learn that her son, Sam, is about to become a father at 19, Anne Lamott begins a journal about the first year of her grandson Jax's life. Lamott and Sam struggle to balance their changing roles with the demands of college and work, as they both forge new relationships with Jax's mother.

by Anne Lamott - Fiction

At the beginning of Blue Shoe, Mattie Ryder thinks that life cannot get any more complicated. She is newly divorced and living with her two children in her childhood home, which is infested with rats and too many unanswered questions from her past. While the rat problem can be cured with an exterminator, coming to terms with her past will require Mattie to unravel her family secrets and learn some painful truths, especially about her father.