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Interview: John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Sep 15, 2006

September 15, 2006

John Boyne's THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS is a profound and thought-provoking novel set during the Holocaust and told from the perspective of a young child who befriends a boy "on the other side of the fence." In this interview with's contributing writer Alexis Burling, Boyne discusses the parallels between the two children and explains why he chose to leave certain pertinent details deliberately ambiguous. He also elaborates on his main character's naïveté and its implications of society on a larger scale, examines the varying strengths of his female characters, and shares his enthusiasm for historical fiction.

Interview: Jed Rubenfeld, author of The Interpretation of Murder

Sep 8, 2006

September 8, 2006

Jed Rubenfeld, a Professor of Law at Yale University, has completed his first work of fiction, THE INTERPRETATION OF MURDER, an historical novel about Sigmund Freud's 1909 visit to the United States. In this interview with's Carol Fitzgerald and Joe Hartlaub, Rubenfeld explains the real-life mystery behind this seemingly successful trip and the psychoanalyst's fascination with Shakespeare's HAMLET that plays a major role in the narrative. He also discusses how he viewed this undertaking as a departure from all things law and describes why he found writing fiction more enjoyable than his previously published Constitutional Law treatises.

Interview: Dan Burstein, author of Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Sep 8, 2006

September 8, 2006

Dan Burstein is the creator of the bestselling Secrets series, which includes such titles as SECRETS OF THE CODE and SECRETS OF ANGELS & DEMONS. His latest book, SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE, focuses on this enigmatic figure of the New Testament, thoroughly exploring just how large a role she played in the life of Jesus and the establishment of early Christianity.

Author Talk: Jennifer Weiner, author of The Guy Not Taken

Sep 1, 2006

September 2006

Jennifer Weiner has written the acclaimed novels GOOD IN BED, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, GOODNIGHT NOBODY and IN HER SHOES, on which the motion picture of the same name --- starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz --- was based. In this interview, Weiner discusses her latest work, a collection of short stories called THE GUY NOT TAKEN, and its possibility of being adapted for the big screen. She also addresses living up to expectations of "happy endings," explains the benefits of keeping a blog, and describes the perks and drawbacks of having a "nontraditional" family.

Interview: Kay Hooper, author of Sleeping With Fear

Aug 18, 2006

August 18, 2006

Kay Hooper has written over 60 novels in various genres and recently published the final book in her Fear trilogy, SLEEPING WITH FEAR. In this interview with's Carol Fitzgerald and Joe Hartlaub, Hooper describes how she conceptualized this series revolving around psychic investigators and comments on the popularity of television shows that feature the paranormal. She also explains how she continually generates new ideas for future novels and provides information on the first installment of her upcoming trilogy.