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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Jess Lourey, author of February Fever: A Murder-by-Month Mystery

Feb 12, 2015

Jessica (Jess) Lourey is the author of the critically acclaimed Murder-by-Month mysteries, written with "a splendid mix of humor and suspense." In FEBRUARY FEVER, the latest addition to the series, airplane-averse heroine Mira James decides to take a train to visit an old friend. When a passenger is found murdered, it’s up to Mira to track down the killer --- or end up derailed...permanently. In this interview with’s Amie Taylor, Lourey talks about how Mira has grown throughout the series, the art of naming a character, and why she’ll never get too old for bathroom humor. She also shares fellow mystery authors who have inspired her and a hilarious story about how Amtrak was a little less than enthusiastic about accommodating her research.

Author Talk: Kristin Hannah, author of The Nightingale

Feb 6, 2015

Kristin Hannah is the bestselling author of more than 20 novels. Her latest is a bit of a departure for her: THE NIGHTINGALE is a sweeping work of historical fiction that tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, as each embarks on her own dangerous path toward survival, love and freedom in German-occupied France. In this interview, Hannah discusses the brave Belgian who inspired her to tell the story of the women’s war, as well as the pros and cons of writing fiction that adheres so resolutely to history. She also shares her favorite scene in the novel, how she overcame her nerves in order to actually write it, and what she hopes readers will take away from the story.

Interview: Scott McCloud, author of The Sculptor

Feb 3, 2015

Scott McCloud, comics' most eloquent and prolific theorist, is best known for his explications of the form: UNDERSTANDING COMICS and its follow-ups, REINVENTING COMICS and MAKING COMICS. But starting in the late 1980s --- even before he turned to non-fiction --- McCloud began his comics career with an American superhero manga series, Zot!. And this year, for the first time ever, McCloud puts his talents to an original graphic novel, the absolutely monumental THE SCULPTOR. Here, McCloud sits down with The Book Report Network staffer and GraphicNovelReporter site coordinator John Maher to discuss his newest work, his history in comics and why he prefers the pen to the hammer and chisel. Note: This interview is chock full of SPOILERS!

Interview: Greer Macallister, author of The Magician's Lie

Jan 29, 2015

Greer Macallister is a poet, short story writer, playwright, and now novelist, whose debut, THE MAGICIAN’S LIE, is getting great buzz. It’s the spellbinding story of a notorious illusionist accused of murder: When the Amazing Arden swaps her saw for a fire ax, Officer Virgil Holt will have to decide if it's a new trick or an all-too-real murder. But will Arden reveal her secrets, even when her life is at stake? In this interview with’s Kate Ayers, Macallister talks about her fascination with Adelaide Herrmann, the “Queen of Magic” and the inspiration for Arden, and how a glaring absence in Adelaide’s history moved her to write this story. She also shares how she was quickly disillusioned of any romantic ideas she had about research, as well as which authors have had the greatest influence on her.

Interview: Greg Baxter, author of Munich Airport

Jan 29, 2015

Texas-born Greg Baxter now lives in Berlin, where he writes and translates. His latest book, MUNICH AIRPORT, is about an unnamed, expatriate narrator who is waiting in Munich’s fog-bound airport with his father and a US consul to transport the corpse of his sister to America. Baxter deftly weaves flashbacks throughout the story in order to bring his narrator’s pain and conflict into sharper relief. In this interview, he discusses how he was able to use flashbacks in a way that feels emotionally honest and organic to the story, as well as the unusual role music plays in his novel.