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Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Edition, Volume One


Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Edition, Volume One


Set on an earth that has been nearly destroyed by a cataclysmic event known as the Big Wet, Wasteland is an epic ongoing series from write Antony Johnston and illustrator Christopher Mittens, published by Oni Press. It’s an excellent series about a stranger known as Michael who journeys to the town of Providens and joins with a small band of residents to go on a journey to find a new beginning elsewhere.


In short, it’s a road book, a western-style sci-fi (some of the people also have hidden abilities). Since its inception, the series has published over two dozen issues and been nominated for a prestigious Harvey Award. This special edition, which collects the first 13 issues of Wasteland, is simply beautiful, with a gorgeous red, velvety hardcover, a gallery of covers from artist Ben Templesmith, and prose shorts. (Alternatively, the individual issues of the series are available in much cheaper paperback editions, four of which are now out, collecting the first 24 issues).


Johnston’s long-ranging story sprawls out epically in Wasteland. The series will eventually end, like Lost or Battlestar Galactica, and each issue brings us closer to the final resolutions. Johnston is an expert plotter, giving away just enough tidbits each time out to keep us enthralled with the story is going but still dangling enough carrots out in the distance to whet out appetites for more. Much more.

Reviewed by John Hogan on July 15, 2009

Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Edition, Volume One
by Antony Johnston

  • Publication Date: July 15, 2009
  • Genres: Graphic Novel
  • Hardcover: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Oni Press
  • ISBN-10: 1934964190
  • ISBN-13: 9781934964194