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Unrestricted Access: New and Classic Short Fiction

About the Book

Unrestricted Access: New and Classic Short Fiction

Experience the exciting breadth of #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins’ wild imagination and adventurous spirit in this anthology of his short masterworks, including a new full-length novella featuring Captain Tucker Wayne and his military war dog, Kane, as well as eleven previously published short stories, gathered together for the first time.

At the center of this breathtaking collection of short fiction --- James Rollins’ first-ever anthology --- is the never-before-published novella “Sun Dogs.” While trekking through the Sonora desert, a gunshot thrusts Tucker and Kane into an adventure that challenges their considerable skills. The discovery of secrets known only to the native tribes of Arizona threatens to unleash an ancient force that could irreparably alter the future. It also forces Tucker to make a terrible choice that will shatter his relationship with his soul-bonded companion Kane. As these partners learn, nothing remains buried forever and old debts must be paid, no matter the cost.

Other stories --- each with an introduction by James Rollins unique to this anthology --- are just as compelling:

“The Pit”: A young dog is kidnapped and brutalized into becoming the bloody champion of a dog-fighting ring. But can this tortured monster find redemption and a path back to the boy who first raised him with love and compassion?

“Tagger”: A pair of teenage street artists must protect San Francisco from a demon who has been seeking revenge for centuries.

“The Devil’s Bones”: In this jungle adventure --- the first joint story from Rollins and Steve Berry --- Commander Gray Pierce and Cotton Malone must work together to survive a deadly threat.

The stories “The Midnight Watch,” “The Skeleton Key,” “Tracker,” “Kowalski’s in Love,” “Crash and Burn” and “Ghost Ship” shine light into some of Sigma Force’s secrets.

Rounding out this collection are a pair of entertaining stories, “Blood Brothers” and “City of Screams,” that complement the Order of the Sanguines series.

Filled with adventure, intrigue, history and speculative science, UNRESTRICTED ACCESS demonstrates Rollins’ remarkable creative powers and is a must-have collection for his many fans.

Unrestricted Access: New and Classic Short Fiction
by James Rollins