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The Wayfarer Redemption: The Axis Trilogy, Book 1 by Sara Douglass

Female Fantasy Authors, November 2012

Here in the United States, The Wayfarer Redemption is a six book series, though in her native Australia it is two separate trilogies. However you present them, they are a compelling work. The first three volumes involve the Prophecy of the Destroyer and the rise of Axis Sunsoar to oppose him. Douglass weaves a magical tale of prophecy and betrayal, and thanks to keeping enough loose ends, had enough of a spark left to bring on the next three volumes, which follow the challenges facing Caelum SunSoar, the son of Axis. The background histories of this world are extensive and incredibly well crafted, giving the work a sense of real depth. Sadly, Douglass passed from ovarian cancer in 2011. Thankfully she left readers with quite  a legacy.