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May 2014

May’s roundup of History titles includes THE LION'S GATE by Steven Pressfield, which tells the story of the Six Day War in the voices of the young men and women who battled not only for their lives, but also for the survival of a Jewish state and for the dreams of their ancestors; JAMES MADISION: A Life Reconsidered, Lynne Cheney's new biography of James Madison that explores the astonishing story of a man of vaunted modesty who audaciously changed the world; SUPREME CITY, Donald L. Miller’s account of Manhattan’s growth and transformation in the 1920s and the brilliant people behind it; THE PHANTOM OF FIFTH AVENUE by Meryl Gordon, which, as the subtitle states, details "the mysterious life and scandalous death of heiress Huguette Clark,” a vivacious, young socialite who became a recluse; and an illustrated edition of Stephen E. Ambrose's D-DAY: June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II, featuring an extraordinary collection of over 125 photos.

Week of May 12, 2014

Releases for the week of May 12th include TOP OF THE MORNING, the New York Times bestseller from reporter Brian Stelter that reveals all the dish and dirt behind the polite smiles and perky demeanors of morning television; Alafair Burke's IF YOU WERE HERE, in which a magazine journalist who's chasing a hot story uncovers unexpected information that sends her back to the past, to the disappearance of a close friend; and LETTERS FROM SKYE by debut novelist Jessica Brockmole, a sweeping story told in letters that captures the indelible ways people fall in love and celebrates the power of the written word to stir the heart.