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The Reconcilers Vol. 1

About the Book

The Reconcilers Vol. 1

It is the year 2165. Humanity has been eclipsed by a Second Dark Age. Every aspect of earthly existence is bought and sold. Ordinary people have been reduced to beggars, thieves, and worse --- barely managing to scrape together a living from the refuse of "Mega-Corp" elites. Thanks to ruthless CEO's like MAXIMILLIAN SOKOR, innovation has become the stuff of fairytales and acts of free will a death sentence. Corporations maintain their stranglehold through mining the only energy source left --- "Liberty Ore," a rare and mysterious blue-green substance buried deep beneath the Moon's surface. In the wake of the Corporation Wars, military conflict has been declared illegal, and "nations" are a quaint and distant memory. Now, irreconcilable disputes between conglomerates can only be resolved through Reconciliation --- bloody, globally televised trial-by-combat spectacles designed to enthrall and pacify the masses. Under the iron-eyed, supposedly neutral judgment of EXECUTIVE OUTCOME, the dream of a unified world has come true in the most terrifying of ways.

Sean Hexhammer, an "ore jockey" for wildcat mining outfit Hansen Lunar Engineering, wants nothing to do with this "brave new world." Unconcerned with the future, haunted by a violent past, Hexhammer would rather stay as cold, quiet, and isolated, as the lunar crater his roving mining team excavates. But Hexhammer's discovery of a huge Liberty Ore deposit brings the real world --- and the past he buried --- roaring to the surface. Hexhammer is forced to return to the life he abandoned and assemble a ragtag team of RECONCILERS to fight for the future.

Can Hexhammer save the only family he has left --- or will he lead them further from the light?

The Reconcilers Vol. 1
by Erik Jensen, R. Emery Bright, Shepherd Hendrix, Jens Pil Pilegaard, and Neal Adams

  • Publication Date: December 1, 2010
  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Viking Warrior Press
  • ISBN-10: 0615357075
  • ISBN-13: 9780615357072