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Critical Praise

"First-novelists and former nannies McLaughlin and Kraus get the details right"

——Kirkus Reviews

"This is an inside story. The authors have both worked as nannies for well-to-do New Yorkers, and here they fictionalize their experiences to protect the innocent--and the guilty!"

——Library Journal

"Two former Manhattan nannies blow the lid off of the private child-care industry with a hilarious debut that pulls no punches as it recounts the travails of Nan, a hip Mary Poppins looking for a job to fit around her child-development classes at NYU...Required reading for parents and the women who they hire to do their parenting...thoroughly appealing..."

——Publishers Weekly

"...the wicked fascination of this novel lies in all the wacky tidbits about life in the social stratosphere....very funny..."

——New York Magazine