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The Mime Order


The Mime Order

Paige Mahoney, also known as the Pale Dreamer in London’s underground clairvoyant syndicate, is no longer being held at the Sheol 1 prison camp, but being back in London makes her feel as though she’s a prisoner of another kind. Back with her friends and under the protection of her mime-lord, Jaxon Hall, Paige comes to the realization that she really hasn’t escaped anything. Now the most wanted person in London --- her face appearing on every public screen available --- she hides as best she can, but as Jax’s dream-walking mollisher, everyone knows the Pale Dreamer’s face.

Scion is not only watching for Paige in London, though --- they’re also looking for everyone she took with her on the night of the rebellion. Paige wants to protect one and all, but also can’t remain silent as to what she learned about the Rephaim, the immortal beings from the Netherworld that run the clairvoyant camps. The one she has the most trouble forgetting --- in fact, can’t stop thinking about --- is her former keeper, Warden. The two grew close (some say unnaturally so) during her confinement at the camp, and one aspect of their relationship is keeping them together still. A few Rephaim, allied with Warden and the rebellion Paige began, are willing to help and want Paige to exploit her relationship with Warden to find him as he’s gone off everyone’s radar.

"Samantha Shannon does a great job of moving the story along --- in fact, at the end of 500+ pages, you’ll desperately want more --- and has created a dark world full of even darker characters."

Complicating matters, a rare meeting of the Unnatural Assembly is called to name a new London Underlord after the last one was murdered. Paige also plans to challenge her current mime-lord, Jax, during the Assembly. Wanting to be out from under Jax’s rule, Paige underestimates much of what she thinks she knows of the underworld. She desperately wants to share what she learned at Sheol 1 with others so they can band together to bring down the Rephaim, but Jax wants nothing more than to keep Paige under his control.

Paige is hiding many secrets from Jax and even more from her friends. Not only has her clairvoyant gift changed and strengthened, she doesn’t want Jax to know what she is now capable of. Her relationship with Warden is a whole other matter. She needs to keep that secret, not just from her underworld family but from everyone, especially the Rephaim, who have agreed to assist the rebellion.

Having grown in many ways, Paige is sadly still very naïve about the gang to which she’s belonged for so long and will run some day. Jax has kept his mollisher in the dark about not just the gang but the whole underworld in general. While she might be willing to challenge the powers that be, she has no idea what she’s up against.

Samantha Shannon does a great job of moving the story along --- in fact, at the end of 500+ pages, you’ll desperately want more --- and has created a dark world full of even darker characters. THE MIME ORDER is the second book in this series, and it’s easy to see that it’s going to be worth the ride. Be warned, though --- you will want to be aware of all the background and substories in these books, so please start with the opening installment, THE BONE SEASON.

How does one wrap up a review of a book featuring a spirit realm, clairvoyants, dreamscapes, syndicate crime lords, and immortal inhabitants of the Netherworld? I simply say: Put this series on your list now.

Reviewed by Amy Gwiazdowski on January 30, 2015

The Mime Order
by Samantha Shannon