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Week of April 22, 2024

Paperback releases for the week of April 22nd include SMALL MERCIES by Dennis Lehane, an all-consuming tale of revenge, family love, festering hate and insidious power, set against one of the most tumultuous episodes in Boston’s history; MUST LOVE FLOWERS, an uplifting novel from Debbie Macomber about two women at different stages of life who find themselves on a journey of renewal after undergoing hardships; HONEY, BABY, MINE, a collection of deeply personal conversations from award-winning actress and activist Laura Dern and the woman she admires most, her mother --- legendary actress Diane Ladd; MONSTERS, a timely, passionate, provocative, blisteringly smart interrogation of how we make and experience art in the age of cancel culture, and of the link between genius and monstrosity; and KNOWING WHAT WE KNOW, Simon Winchester’s brilliant and all-encompassing look at how humans acquire, retain and pass on information and data, and how technology continues to change our lives and our minds.