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The Last Time She Saw Him


The Last Time She Saw Him

In THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM, New York Times bestselling author Kate White chooses an unusual relationship between the victim and the person investigating his death.

Kiki Reed is a complicated individual with a complicated past. Her latest complication is Jamie Larsson, the really nice, standup guy she was engaged to and whom she broke up with before they had a chance to tie the knot. Jamie was deeply in love with Kiki, but she realized that while she loved him, she wasn't in love with him. His family and friends have not forgiven her.

When Kiki's good friend, Ava, invites her to a book launch for Ava's husband, Vic, Kiki is relieved that Jamie will be out of town and will not be there. When his plans change and there is a bit of awkwardness at the party as both are in attendance, Jamie assures Kiki that he is over the breakup. But that uneasiness is nothing compared to the emotions and shock that result from Jamie's death after the festivities are over.

"THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM is an engrossing murder mystery with an engaging main character who is determined to do right by the man she loved but couldn't marry."

The police suspect that Jamie killed himself, but Kiki is positive he wouldn't have taken his own life. She decides to rent a house in Connecticut to investigate his death and find out what really happened. She is certainly not aided by Jamie's uncle and cousin, Drew and Liam, who are actively hostile and just want her to go back to New York. Even Ava and Vic think she is bringing up feelings that are best left buried.

But when Kiki finds out that Jamie had just adopted a dog from the local shelter, she is even more positive that he didn’t die by suicide. She doesn't believe that he would abandon an animal like that, and she wonders if his passing is connected in any way to the death of a local young woman from four years earlier.

The only one who listens to Kiki is Jamie's best friend, Sam, but there are impediments to Sam helping her figure out the truth. The more questions Kiki asks, the more likely it becomes that she herself may be in danger. White provides plenty of suspects whose dialogue makes us wonder if they are the culprits. The first-person narrative draws us into Kiki's thought processes and emotions quite effectively. There are two short chapters from the point of view of an unknown person who is obviously the one who killed the young lady four years ago. We are provided with information that helps us understand the motivation behind Jamie's murder but doesn't completely narrow down who the killer is.

THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM is an engrossing murder mystery with an engaging main character who is determined to do right by the man she loved but couldn't marry. The title is perfect, as throughout the novel, Kiki keeps thinking about the last time she saw Jamie --- his actions, his words and his behavior. What clues were there that night that can help her solve his murder? We admire her for her perseverance and her dedication to unmasking the killer, although at one point we do wonder about her sanity when she blithely ventures into danger.

This is yet another win that Kate White will be able to claim in her long list of intriguing and complex psychological thrillers.

Reviewed by Pamela Kramer on May 17, 2024

The Last Time She Saw Him
by Kate White