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The Kremlin Conspiracy


The Kremlin Conspiracy

Oleg Kraskin is nervous. The young attorney hasn’t slept too well, and his dreams are vivid and nightmarish. But he has painstakingly prepared for this day, even if his nerves aren’t quite keeping up (although his early-morning cigarette settles them somewhat). He dresses in his finest suit, gets into his Mercedes, and heads to his destination, a private audience scheduled at the Kremlin. He is meeting with the next president of Russia, but not for reasons of state. Oleg is there to ask permission to marry Prime Minister Luganov’s only beloved daughter, Marina.

In Dagestan, and then in Moscow, several bombings kill hundreds of innocent residents. Although one independent reporter proclaims that the evidence proves the explosives were Russian military grade, the government disagrees and casts blame elsewhere. And Oleg, now employed by Luganov, watches as war is declared on Chechnya. Russian bombers descend upon the country to eradicate the bomb-planting Chechen terrorists. Oleg is thrilled to be working for the powerful man who many fear, counting the days until his wedding to Marina. There is a part of him, though, that questions the war that is declared as well as the supposed enemy. Yet, at the same time, he understands that Luganov is not a man to whom anyone can safely say “no.”

"As always, [Rosenberg] carefully observes current events and combines them with his own incredible imagination, producing a thriller that cannot be put down."

On the other side of the world, another young man is speeding down a Colorado highway, racing to the rescue of the woman who gave him life. He is accompanied by his girlfriend to whom he is planning to propose. Elena had always joined Marcus Ryker in his hiking, climbing and thrill-seeking adventures. But a panicked call from his mother sends the two racing the clock to keep her safe from his drunken stepfather. A 911 call, an active shooter, a dangerous moment and imprisonment are just ahead of the couple. Then suddenly, marriage no longer seems to be in their future. And later, a devastating event blindsides the nation: the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America, followed soon after by Marcus’ enlistment and deployment to Afghanistan.

In the armed forces, Marcus serves in Kabul in the battle against the Taliban, becoming a hero and honing his deadly skills. He enters law enforcement after his time in the military and then the Secret Service. By this time, he is also a husband and a father. And the day is coming when he will put his life on the line to protect the most powerful man in America.

In Russia, Oleg serves and watches as Luganov invades Georgia and realizes that he is secretly planning further attacks on former Soviet nations and perhaps the world itself. For the most part, not many around Luganov seem to be concerned about his plans or actions. And the few who do muster the courage to dissent don’t maintain their positions for long.

Although neither man knows it, Marcus’ and Oleg’s lives are drawing closer and closer together, with events bringing them to a point where they will actually intersect. What if someone knows that a terrible evil is going to be committed yet believes he or she has the chance to stop it, even if it’s at great cost to himself or herself? Will that person actually step forward?

Master storyteller Joel C. Rosenberg turns his focus in his latest fantastic book from the Middle East and rogue terrorist organizations to the former Soviet Union and a different kind of rogue --- the political kind. As always, he carefully observes current events and combines them with his own incredible imagination, producing a thriller that cannot be put down. Is the world entering a new Cold War? THE KREMLIN CONSPIRACY will keep you in suspense while you turn the pages as quickly as you can --- even as you’re uncomfortably wondering, “Could this really happen?”

Reviewed by Melanie Reynolds on April 6, 2018

The Kremlin Conspiracy
by Joel C. Rosenberg